OWN Exclusive: Interview With CassMae 

From the musical world of CassMae, a German singer who is known for her beautiful voice and love for Indian tunes.

Dive into the magical and melodious world of CassMae! 

CassMae is a musical “Goddess” and when we got a chance to talk to her for an interview, we were beyond excited to jump at the opportunity. CassMae is a Singer-Songwriter-Percussionista who is famous for her Indian rendition of songs. Despite being from Germany, her fluency in Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit, Bengali, Malayalam, and other Indian languages is what makes her an audience favourite. With music, she has surely bridged the cultural gaps between the two countries and we hope that she continues to award us with her melodious tunes.  

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Portraitshooting mit CassMae im Nordpark Düsseldorf, Frühjahr 2021

Your life journey has been unique, What is the one thing that has kept you going? 

Answer: I always loved to be challenged and have been very curious to test my limits. In addition to that, I constantly felt ambitious regarding what I wanted to reach in music and my daily life. On stage, I love the feeling of being a bit more courageous than in the normal world and with music, in general, I found a place where only I have access to my subjective thoughts and actions; so it helps me in case I have to struggle or feel imbalanced at times.  

Your affiliation with Indian songs is loved by all but what is it about Indian songs that you love? 

Answer: I love the way the melodies are built by so many different beautiful ornamentations based on the specific Raga they are in. The feel, the way of composing, and the meaning of the lyrics also make me feel so drawn to them. From the beginning, I kept sensing a deep connection to especially spiritual Indian songs regardless of any language. Mantras are the first Indian music experiences I gained and whenever I sing them it always feels like they are too familiar to me and as if I used to sing them before.   

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Embracing our strengths and weaknesses is a part of moving forward- if you were asked about your greatest strength and weakness- what would it be? 

Answer: I think my greatest strength is that I’m very determined to reach my goals and this gives me the courage and the structure to do so. My greatest weakness is that I tend to worry a lot about what could go wrong and what others might think of my decisions. 

How do you think the music world can be made more accessible to people with any sort of unique ability?   

Answer: In my opinion being treated equally in the business is a very important factor to work on. I was born blind and I sometimes think people don’t dare open up with me; so one of my fears is that I won’t get booked on bigger festivals because people are not sure how to treat me and my blindness. So honestly speaking communication is the key for me too. 

What are some assistive devices that have made your life easier? 

Answer:  I use a Braille device which is connected via Bluetooth to my iPhone. The Braille device has keys for reading and writing and the VoiceOver on my phone helps me navigate through the important apps and systems. 

You have said that you enjoy singing mantras and as you know these mantras can be very powerful, so, have you ever felt that shift in energy after a mantra session? 

Answer: It’s very important not to underestimate mantras and their effects on the body, soul, and mind. I had to learn and experience that the correct pronunciation brings you the right benefits. As soon as I learned that, I could sense everything from trance, relief, ecstasy and a deep connection to my heart. Whenever I sing or listen to Lord Shiva’s mantras I also get shivers down my spine.

You sing, write songs as well and play an instrument- if you had to pick one, which one would you pick and why? 

Answer: This is a very tough question but I would probably pick my voice because I can sing everywhere I go. That could be the case with songwriting too, but I need some kind of relaxation to write lyrics. Singing connects me to my soul and vibration. 

Your songs see some connection between spirituality and music, What do you think the relation between these two are? 

Answer: Music and spirituality always went hand in hand in the past but I think nowadays spirituality is rather hidden in pop music; it’s not bad at all because you can still be mysterious and don’t have to put labels on yourself. But I like to express both sides because this is simply how my personality has always been. 

Who is the one performer/ musician you would like to collaborate with?

Answer: I would love to work with A. R. Rahman because he’s a great composer and always brings a very deep sense of spirituality to life. For me, he’s the representation of Indian culture because he’s so versatile in his work. 

Which is the one place or concert you would love to perform at?

Answer: I would love to tour in India; I don’t know when and where in particular but it’s just my biggest dream to meet my fans and play for them in person. I hope it will come true soon.

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