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Nick Jonas Prefers South Indian Delights Over Butter Chicken, Reveals Favorites

Nick Jonas surprises by favoring South Indian dishes over butter chicken. His choices include paneer, lamb biryani, and dosa, as shared in an Instagram interaction with Rebecca Tandon.

Nick Jonas pleasantly surprises by favoring South Indian dishes over butter chicken. His candid revelation garners social media buzz, sparking lighthearted reactions and cultural appreciation.

Nick Jonas has left the internet impressed by revealing that his favorite Indian food isn’t the typical “butter chicken,” but rather a South Indian dish. The singer, who has been touring North America and performing at Jonas Brothers concerts, recently shared his Indian culinary preferences during an interaction with content creator Rebecca Tandon. When asked about his favorite Indian food, Nick mentioned that he enjoys paneer, lamb biryani, and dosa. The candid backstage video was posted on Instagram by Rebecca, where she playfully referred to herself as an Indian and a fan girl of Nick.


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The video elicited various reactions from users on social media. Many found Nick’s choice of dosa, a traditional South Indian crepe, to be quite a delightful surprise. Some humorous comments suggested that Nick’s favorite Indian food should be his wife, Priyanka Chopra. Others from the South Indian community appreciated his recognition of dosa and expressed joy over his preference.

Earlier this year, Nick had garnered praise for his song “Maan Meri Jaan,” where he sang in Hindi alongside singer and rapper King.

Priyanka Chopra, Nick’s wife, had previously shared Nick’s favorite Indian food in an interview. She revealed that he enjoys any kind of paneer, a type of Indian cottage cheese. The couple, who married in 2018 and welcomed their daughter in 2020, often discuss their cultural preferences and experiences in interviews. Priyanka had also mentioned her own favorite Indian meal – homemade staples like roti and dal – and how she missed them after moving to Los Angeles.

Nick Jonas’s embrace of Indian cuisine and cultural elements continues to resonate with fans, highlighting the harmonious blend of their personal lives and diverse backgrounds.

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