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Newly-wed Parineeti Chopra discusses putting on 15 kilos for Chamkila: ‘Music and Food. That was my routine

Parineeti Chopra's 15-kilo transformation journey—from Amarjot in Chamkila to a fitter self—reveals the role of food and fitness in her cinematic evolution.

 Newly-wed Parineeti Chopra Opens Up About Her 15-Kilo Transformation and the Role of Food in Her Journey

Many actors go to great lengths to immerse themselves in their roles, and Parineeti Chopra is no exception. The newly-wed actress recently shared her experience putting on 15 kilos for her character Amarjot in the upcoming Netflix film Chamkila. In a candid Instagram post, Parineeti revealed her unique routine of spending six months in Rahman sir’s studio, singing and indulging in her favourite junk foods to achieve the desired transformation.

Putting on 15 Kilos: The Role of Food

 Parineeti’s journey highlights the significant role of food in both gaining and losing weight. To understand this process, it’s essential to delve into the factors influencing weight gain.

 Ø Caloric Surplus: Consistently consuming more calories than the body burns is crucial. This involves a substantial increase in daily food intake.

 Ø Muscle Building: Optimal weight gain involves building muscle rather than accumulating fat. Structured strength training plays a key role.

 Ø Time Frame: Gaining weight too rapidly can lead to unhealthy outcomes. A gradual approach over several months is recommended for sustainable results.

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Losing 15 Kilos: The Road to Recovery

Parineeti’s post-film journey involves shedding those extra pounds and reclaiming her pre-role physique. The principles guiding weight loss are as follows:

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l Caloric Deficit: Creating a calorie deficit by consuming fewer calories than the body needs is fundamental for weight loss. 

l Exercise: Regular physical activity, combining cardiovascular exercises and strength training, helps burn calories and maintain muscle mass.

l Nutrient-Dense Foods: Choosing nutrient-dense foods ensures essential nutrients are received even with reduced calorie intake.

l Behavioral Changes: Developing healthy eating habits and addressing emotional or habitual triggers for overeating is crucial for successful weight loss.

l Time and Patience: Healthy weight loss is a gradual process. Aim for a sustainable pace, typically 0.5 to 1 kg per week.

What to Keep in Mind?

Parineeti’s journey emphasises common principles applicable to anyone transforming:

n Balanced Diet: Ensure a mix of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for overall health, regardless of weight goals.

n Gradual Changes: Sustainable weight management involves gradual adjustments to eating habits. Extreme diets are often ineffective and can be harmful.

n Monitoring Progress: Track food intake and exercise to understand their impact on weight. Adjustments can then be made based on observed results.

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n Individual Variability: Recognize that everyone’s body responds differently to diet and exercise. Personalize approaches based on individual needs and preferences.

As Parineeti Chopra continues her journey to reclaim her pre-film physique, her experience serves as an inspiration for those navigating the challenging but rewarding path of transformation.

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