Why Neetu Singh Chose Alia Bhatt as Bahu?

Why Neetu Singh Chose Alia Bhatt, their bond gives us major saas -bahu goals! 


  • Why Neetu Kapoor thought Deepika and Katrina were not right for Ranbir?
  • How Alia & Ranbir met?
  • Neetu’s bond with bahu!

Neetu’s bond with bahu: After years of dating our cute queen Alia Bhatt and the most eligible Kapoor bachelor, Ranbir is finally all set to settle down. However, it seems that it must be not- so -easy for the duo to convince their parents, especially when it comes to Neetu Kapoor. Let us decode why Neetu Kapoor chose Alia Bhatt as Bahu.

Breakups in Bollywood are not new, especially for some of the most popular stars like Ranbir Kapoor. His splits apparently garnered more attention than any of his official relationships. One of the main reasons can be the Kapoor boy’s brief family involvement in his link-ups.

Why Neetu Kapoor thought Deepika and Katrina were not right for Ranbir?

Everyone knows that Ranbir Kapoor is a Mama’s boy. His mother, Neetu Kapoor, matters a lot to him while making significant life decisions. However, it has been speculated that mommy Neetu disapproved his former relationships. Therefore, the actor’s affair saga did not last long with leading ladies of Bollywood like Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone.

Ranbir and Deepika began dating in 2007 and called it off in just two years.

 Katrina Bhi Nhi thi Unki Choice

No one actually cleared the air about what happened between Ranbir’s mom and the Bharat actor after returning to Katrina Kaif. Most of the time, the veteran actor was seen refraining from showering love upon Katrina. When Neetu cropped Kat from a family photo that was taken during the late Shashi Kapoor’s house during a Christmas party, everyone was surprised. Sources close to the Kapoor family believe that since Neetu Kapoor is a controlling mother, she somehow dominated the decision about whom her son dated or was dating. Katrina Kaif reportedly dated Ranbir for six long years.

How Alia & Ranbir met?

It might surprise some people to learn that Alia had a crush on Ranbir when she was only 11 years old. While auditioning for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black, the suave star was working as an assistant director. She fell head over heels for him.

Years later, after Alia had made her Bollywood debut as an actor in 2014, she expressed her desire to marry Ranbir during one of Karan Johar`s talk show `Koffee with Karan` episodes.

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The couple received unfailing love and support from friends and family after their first public appearance at Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor’s wedding. It was the catalyst for their numerous public appearances through the years. These included family weddings, brunches, and dinner parties. In September 2018, when Ranbir’s father, Rishi Kapoor, was admitted to a hospital in New York, the couple was often seen visiting together. Shortly after, Ranbir got candid in an interview with a magazine and confirmed his relationship.

From that moment, it seems that it will go out this time. And guess what, they were right.

Neetu’s bond with bahu!

Alia has also been well accepted by Ranbir Kapoor’s parents, Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor. Mainly speaking about RK’s mother, Neetu is hugely fond of Miss Bhatt and cannot wait to see her becoming the Kapoor bahu. However, this was quite surprising, as Neetu was never so fond of Ranbir’s ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif. A reporter recently asked Alia what made Kapoor’s mother grow fond of her. The actor blushed and said, “Well! How do I know what qualities of mine she likes? You will have to ask her, though.” There it can be said Neetu’s bond with bahu can set us some saas-bahu goals in future.

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On the work front, Ranbir and Alia will be seen together in Brahmastra, released on 9 September, which is a mixture of mythology and science fiction in the film. The makers have already released the first character posters of the lead duo.

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