Meet Shweta Sharda: India’s Miss Universe 2023 Star & Style Muse in 5 Boss Lady Looks!

Find Who is Shweta Sharda? & Get inspired through her boss lady style in 5 stunning looks, defining grace and empowerment at Miss Universe 2023.

Graceful Fashion Statements Define India’s Miss Universe 2023 Star, Shweta Sharda – A Source of Fashion Inspiration!

Shweta Sharda, a shining star from a diverse background, has recently made India proud as Miss Universe 2023. Known for her grace, intelligence, and dedication to social causes, Shweta has left a positive mark on society through her career in Dance India Dance.

Recently crowned at the Miss Diva Universe 2023 finale in Mumbai, Shweta’s victory wasn’t just hers alone but also a triumph for Divita Rai, the former Miss Diva Universe of 2023. But who is Shweta Sharda, and what makes her stand out?

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Shweta, a remarkable individual, has been lauded for her grace, intelligence, and commitment to social issues. Her journey from a diverse family background to the Miss Universe stage is a testament to her dedication to personal growth and making a meaningful impact on society.

Apart from her achievements, Shweta has showcased her style in stunning ways, presenting five mesmerising looks that define her boss lady persona:

  1. Ravishing in Blue:

 Adorned in a stunning blue gown by Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, Shweta opted for minimal, natural makeup, highlighting her sparkly eyes, blushed cheeks, and bare lips, elegantly accessorised with statement hanging earrings.

  1. Bold and Bright:

Flaunting a striking cutout dress with high slits, Shweta amplified her appearance with a brown gloss lip and shimmering eyes, complemented by winged eyeliner. Large, eye-catching earrings completed her captivating look.

  1. Futuristic Elegance:

Sporting an electric blue costume with intriguing cuts and a high-slit gown featuring rose embellishments, Shweta exuded sophistication and futuristic vibes. Keeping her makeup subtle, she turned heads with her regal aura.

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  1. Golden Goddess:

Dressed in a golden gown adorned with scales, beads, sequins, and glitter, Shweta radiated power and sparkle from head to toe, resembling a goddess. Statement earrings and rings added to her enchanting ensemble.

  1. Silver Splendor:

Wearing a silver metallic bodycon dress with a trailing accent, Shweta showcased opulence and grace in a timeless display of beauty. With simple makeup focusing on winged eyeliner and nude lips, she epitomised enduring elegance with unique earrings and rings.

Shweta Sharda, with her multifaceted talents and stunning fashion choices, continues to rule hearts and embody the essence of a true boss lady, representing India with pride on the global stage of Miss Universe 2023.

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