Homemaker Grehlakshmi Mrs India 2023

Grehlakshmi Mrs. India 2023: Honoring homemakers, empowering women through an inspiring event with Aman Yatin Verma and distinguished guests. Celebrating strength, talent, and beauty.

Homemakers and Empowering Women to Shine; Star-studded Affair with Aman Yatin Verma and Inspiring Guests.

Grehlakshmi, the foremost Hindi women’s magazine in India, proudly presents Grehlakshmi MRS INDIA, on 27 July 2023 on the nation’s most prominent Mrs India pageant designed to offer an unforgettable experience for women. Our primary focus is to furnish women with a remarkable platform, enabling them to conquer the world.

As the leading Hindi women’s magazine in India and the largest community of housewives, Grehlakshmi hosted the most significant beauty and lifestyle event in the country in India in Mayur Ballroom, Crowne Plaza, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi. The essence of Grehlakshmi Mrs India lies in its mission to empower homemakers, motivating them to overcome obstacles and achieve remarkable success. All the contestants wore silk sarees and beautiful jewellery, such a nice event. 


The event proved to be a significant and inspiring occasion for women, drawing participants from various walks of life – married, divorced, and widowed. Each participant showcased their utmost dedication and skill. The event was marked by its thrilling atmosphere, with the presence of notable celebrities and influencers as esteemed guests. Among them was Aman Yatin Verma, a renowned television actor who also made his mark on the big screen. His performances in films like “Andaaz” and various other movies such as “Baghban,” “Koi Hai Babul,” along with his roles in TV shows like “Dheere Dheere Se,” have garnered him a special place in the audience’s hearts. The event boasted a diverse array of guests, making it a truly memorable affair.

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Great Inspirations for Women:

Noor Afsanaan, an influential figure, serves as a motivating role model for young girls aiming to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. She excels as a dancer and content creator, inspiring women across the board. Renowned TV actress Neha Rana, known for her role in Colors TV’s “Junooniyatt,” encourages audiences to pursue their aspirations with fervour and dedication. Kakoli Ghosh, crowned Mrs. Tourism India 2023, also stands as an exemplar of empowerment. Harpreet Suri, an influencer, shares her insights, while Riva Arora, a young Indian actor and model, shines with her appearances in notable Bollywood films. She serves as a source of inspiration, especially for teenagers, showcasing their potential and possibilities.

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