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Exclusive interview: Meet Poonam Chopra: A Versatile Actor and a Mumbai Native.

Poonam Chopra, a Mumbai native, turned her dancing hobby into a profession, entering the film industry in 2015. Previously, she pursued overseas hotel management before embracing acting.

Poonam Chopra, a Mumbai native, transformed her passion for dance into a profession, entering the film industry in 2015. Formerly in overseas hotel management, she showcases versatility as an actor.

We have with us a versatile Actor Poonam Chopra  Poonam Chopra, born and brought up in Mumbai. Dancing as a hobby, pushed passion into a profession by joining the film industry in 2015. Before that,  she worked in overseas hotel management.

She had the privilege of sharing the screen with talented individuals such as Ravi Kishan, Maniesh Paul, Govinda, and the legendary Bappi Lahiri ji. Her journey in the film industry has taken her to various international stages, including shows in Singapore and Australia. It was a remarkable experience, and she continues to explore and contribute to the world of entertainment with enthusiasm.

  1. How is Bollywood different from regional cinema?

   – Bollywood, the Hindi film industry, stands out with its broader appeal and larger budgets compared to regional cinema. It offers diverse storytelling and filmmaking approaches.

  1. What pushed or attracted you towards acting?

   – I was drawn to acting by its ability to explore different characters, emotions, and stories. The idea of stepping into someone else’s shoes and bringing a narrative to life fascinated me.

  1. What is the most difficult part of the process to get work as an actor?

   – Getting started in acting can be tough, with building connections, securing auditions, and finding representation often cited as the most challenging parts.

  1. What was your first work as an actor?

   – My first work was in “Ranbanka,” where I did an item song as a lead opposite Ravi Kishan ji.

  1. Is training important for an actor?

   – Absolutely! Training is crucial for actors as it helps develop their skills, versatility, and understanding of the craft.

  1. What would you like to improve in the film industry?

   – Enhancing diversity and inclusion, promoting original storytelling, and providing better opportunities for emerging talent to break into the industry.

  1. Is casting couch a truth or a myth?

   – The casting couch is sadly a reality in some cases, shedding light on the misuse of power dynamics. Efforts have been made to address and prevent such exploitation.

  1. Is PR important for an actor in this age of social media?

   – Yes, PR is crucial for actors, especially in the age of social media, as it helps manage their image, handle publicity, and navigate the digital landscape.

  1. Experience with working with T-series and singers like Danish Alfaaz?

   – I worked on an album song with T-series and Danish Alfaaz, an emerging singer known for his work in the Punjabi music industry.

  1. Your dream role as an actor?

    – My dream acting role would be in an action film, portraying a rich and spoiled brat character.

  1. Your upcoming projects?

    – My upcoming projects include a Bhojpuri film named “Ganga Geeta” where I did an item song, and there are two more item songs that I can’t disclose the names of yet.

12. How to get auditions and crack auditions?

    – By contacting casting directors for auditions and through agencies, one can secure opportunities for auditions.

  1. Does attending Bollywood parties and connections work to get Projects?

    – It depends; while attending Bollywood parties can provide contacts, ultimately, getting work is a combination of luck and talent

14-Are looks important, talent, or both for mainstream work?

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    – In the mainstream, a combination of looks and talent can be essential, but the emphasis often varies depending on the industry.

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