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Emraan Hashmi Birthday Special, a Non-controversial Man

On Emraan Hashmi Birthday Special, let us look at some of his controversies or fights in B-town.

Emraan Hashmi Birthday Special: Actor Emraan Hashmi earned the title of ‘serial kisser’ in films. This image may incite a view of Hashmi that he must be surrounded by other controversies as well.

Well, there are some! On Emraan Hashmi Birthday Special, let us look at some of his controversies or fights in B-town.

Do you know how his wife, Parveen Shahani, reacted to these scenes? As Emraan kept his personal and professional lives separate, so little is known about her.

‘I cover my son’s eyes before any intimate scene’


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Once in an interview, Emraan Hashmi opened up about his son Ayaan’s and his wife’s view on his films and intimate scenes. The actor mentioned that his wife kept their son away from movies since he could not understand those things then. 

Emraan also revealed that he was always anxious to show his films to his son. Many questions would arise in his head regarding his films, such as which actress held a woman in a scene. According to the report, he also mentioned that when any kiss scene would come, he would cover Ayaan’s eyes. While on the other, addressing his wife, Hashmi said, “I do not tell her about the scenes. I do tell her about the films I am doing. She does not hear about it in detail. Although she likes movies, she is not a fan of glamour. She has her own life.”

My wife dug her nails into my skin out of anxiety’

In an appearance on Koffee with Karan in 2014, Emraan revealed how Parveen reacted to his intimate scenes in Murder. Parveen, apparently unaware of the scenes, dug her nails into Emraan’s skin out of anxiety. In the aftermath of the film, the actor had several nail marks on his arms. In the first row, my wife was digging her nails in my hand as if to say, “What the hell have you done you have not prepared me for this and what are you doing because this is not Bollywood.” When the hands came off, there were four jabs… I was injured…I was bleeding.”

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Mallika should get cast with a snake!

Hashmi took a dig at Mallika Sherawat, saying she was not a good kisser. In a response to Hashmi, Mallika expressed her desire to kiss a snake. Adding fuel to the fire, Emraan recently taunted: Well, she should star in a sequel with the snake, then!

Religious bias in flat ownership

According to Emraan, in 2009, he accused a Bandra housing society of “religious discrimination,” claiming it denied him the NOC to buy a flat within the building because he is Muslim. SRK brushed off this controversy as a one-off and said such incidents should not be given importance. Salman called it a publicity stunt, adding that such incidents occur because of the individual’s personality and not his religion!

When Emraan lashed out at Kriti for being late

 Bollywood debutant beauty Kriti Kharbanda and Emraan were supposed to give a joint interview for their Raaz Reboot. Emraan being the perfectionist arrived at the venue on time. While Kriti was 30 minutes late. Unable to fake off with a grin, Emraan lost his patience and lashed out at his manager in front of the entire crew.

However, a verbal fight between Emraan’s manager and Kriti’s team followed. After all that happened, Emraan and Kriti stopped talking to each other.

Whether it is major or minor, Emraan Hashmi has never been linked up with any of the Bollywood divas despite his onscreen image. Hashmi is an unapologetic, flamboyant actor always on our playlist.

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