Divya Agarwal Came Heavily On Trolls Accusing Her for Not Returning Varun Sood’s Khandani Zewar

“From losing a parent to a bitter break-up, this has been the toughest phase of my life”, Divya Agarwal on Break up with Varun Sood

Divya Agarwal, the reality show queen is once again making headlines because of her ex and break-up. It’s been a year since Divya and Varun Sood parted ways. But neither their fans nor the ex-couple themselves are ready to mend their terms. Recently, Varun did a Q&A on Twitter with one of his fans. And he touched on some topics related to his ex-girlfriend Divya Agarwal and other allegations against him. 

Reacting to Varun’s reply on social media, Divya told the TOI, “I don’t understand why a person has to respond to any personal questions when he is promoting his upcoming show. Varun could have avoided the question. It has been a year since our breakup, but people continue to ask questions and one should know how to avoid them and show dignity because I am engaged now.”

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In a tweet, Varun’s sister Akshita Sood publicly shamed Divya for not returning their khandani jewellery. To resolve this, they had been in contact with Divya’s manager, but in vain. Soon netizens started trolling Divya for not returning the jewellery. Replying to all trolls, Agarwal wrote, “So he remembered after a year, please let me live, my manager is in the hospital.”

She also shared a pic of the jewellery before returning it. Replying to another tweet, Divya revealed, “Mujhe yaad bhi nahi tha… I never asked for it… I never wore them… It’s almost a year now… my manager Esha is in hospital… Usme bhi bichari calls me to remind me about this… And if it was so important why wait.”

Divya also reacted to Varun’s sister’s allegations and said that they have been asking her manager about the gifts for a long time. “During our three-year courtship, there were many gifts and cards exchanged, one does not keep a count of all that. Now, even after I returned the jewellery, the phone calls to my manager haven’t stopped! I am tired of arguing over Twitter. From losing a parent to a bitter break-up, this has been the toughest phase of my life. There was a reason I decided to break up. Why are people asking about things like infidelity now?”

Supporting Varun, one told her, “Rann Bhai ka jo jersey hai, Varun ne aapko Diya AOS main woh bhi dedo wapis. It’s NOT just a jersey for Rann and Varun both.” To this, Divya replied, “That jersey was just on the show … he took it back just after we came out of the house.

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Divya also revealed that Varun is trying to get in touch with her for some or other reason. She wrote, “Kuch nai yaar koi na koi bahane se contact karte rehte hai shanti bhang karte hai ho gaya bhai forget it now.”

After avoiding speaking out about her reasons earlier, Divya is now actively rejecting some of the allegations made against her. When someone called her an ‘attention seeker’ in connection with her tweet on Varun, she replied, “Yeah wanted that attention from him, I didn’t get hence left…”

Last year, Divya revealed in an interview with a portal, “I could not see my future with Varun, and hence I decided to end the relationship on a good note. I decided to put the news of our breakup on social media and I received a lot of flak for my decision. I used to get abused but I chose to ignore it as my inner peace is what matters.”

Varun and Divya appeared on TV reality shows like Spiltsvilla, Bigg Boss OTT and Ace of Space. Last year, they announced breakup. Instagram Stories were shared by them to inform their fans. A few months later, in December, Divya got engaged to restaurateur Apurva Padgaonkar.

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