Disturbing Incident Unfolds After Watching “The Kerala Story”: Girlfriend Alleges Serious Offences against Muslim Boyfriend

A Bollywood film takes a dark turn as a girl accuses her Muslim boyfriend of serious offences after watching "The Kerala Story". Shocking revelations and swift actions ensued.

Disturbing Twist: “The Kerala Story” Sparks Allegations and Arrest in Troubled Relationship

“The Kerala Story,” a Bollywood film that has garnered attention for its controversial theme, recently found itself at the centre of a distressing incident in Madhya Pradesh. A girl from Indore, who had accompanied her Muslim boyfriend Faizan to watch the movie, filed a case against him immediately after leaving the theatre. The severity of the allegations prompted the swift arrest of the accused by the police.


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The Film’s Political Significance:

“The Kerala Story” has generated significant political interest, with its release prompting both bans and tax exemptions in different regions. Amidst pre-release controversy, the film faced a ban in West Bengal on May 8, citing potential communal tensions. 

Additionally, theatres in Tamil Nadu suspended screenings from May 7 due to low turnout and concerns about law and order. And on May 18, the Supreme Court intervened, staying the ban in West Bengal and instructing Tamil Nadu to prioritise the safety of moviegoers.

Meanwhile, several BJP-ruled states, including Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, and Uttarakhand, have granted tax exemptions, adding to the film’s already tumultuous journey.

However, amidst the film’s notoriety, an alarming incident has come to light from Madhya Pradesh, involving a young couple whose relationship took a troubling turn after watching the movie.

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Background of the Relationship:

The girl and the accused, identified as Mohammad Faizan Khan from Haroon Colony, had been friends for a span of four years. They initially met in a coaching class and grew close over time. However, the situation deteriorated when Faizan made promises of marriage to the girl and subsequently coerced her into engaging in physical relations. Disturbingly, he repeatedly pressured her to convert to Islam, resorting to assaults in his attempt to achieve this objective.

A 23-year-old man has been apprehended in Indore following allegations of rape and religious coercion made by his girlfriend. The girl, who lodged the complaint after watching ‘The Kerala Story,’ fell victim to a deceptive relationship under the guise of marriage, as stated by the police.

The complainant, a highly educated woman employed at a private company, had initially befriended the accused, Faizan, during their time together at a coaching centre four years ago. Gradually, their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship, leading the woman to start living with him.

However, the accused, who completed his education up to Class 12 and is currently unemployed, relentlessly pressured his girlfriend to convert to his religion, with the intention of marrying her. When the woman resisted, he allegedly resorted to repeated acts of sexual assault and physical abuse.

The Unfortunate Turn of Events:

According to the station in-charge, two days prior to the incident, the couple watched “The Kerala Story” together. After the movie, Faizan once again insisted that the girl convert to Islam, leading to a heated argument. It is worth noting that the couple had been living together for the past eight months, during which time Faizan had coerced the girl into converting on multiple occasions.

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The Filing of the FIR:

Overwhelmed by the situation, the victim decided to take action against Faizan. Following the movie screening, she promptly lodged a complaint at the Khajrana police station, detailing the abuse and harassment she had endured throughout their relationship. The police swiftly acted on her complaint and arrested Faizan.

Faizan, the accused, was apprehended under the Madhya Pradesh Freedom of Religion Act 2021 and the Indian Penal Code (IPC), as confirmed by Khajrana police station in-charge Dinesh Verma. The Act prohibits forced conversions and fraudulent means of conversion.

The victim came forward, stating that she and the accused had recently watched ‘The Kerala Story’. Following the film, a heated argument ensued, culminating in the man assaulting her before leaving. On May 19, she lodged a complaint with the police, who assured a thorough investigation into all the allegations, as stated by the police officer.


“The Kerala Story” movie, although gaining popularity for its political implications, has inadvertently become associated with a distressing incident in Madhya Pradesh. The brave decision of the victim to speak out against the alleged abuse and harassment she endured in her relationship serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing such issues. The case against Faizan will now proceed through the legal system, where justice will be sought for the victim.

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