Exclusive – Arjun Bijlani Gets Scammed Of Rs 40k Due To Cyber Fraud

Arjun Bijlani, a well-known television personality, recently disclosed that he lost Rs 40,000 as a result of cyber fraud.

Arjun Bijlani Gets Scammed Of Rs 40k Due To Cyber Fraud; Says Credit Card Limit Was Of 10-12 Lakhs

TV star Arjun Bijlani recently talked about how earlier this month, he became a victim of a cyber fraud.a

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When I checked my phone during a brief break, I saw multiple messages indicating that my credit card was being continuously swiped and that transactions were occurring per minute. I asked my wife, who happens to have an additional card, and she confirmed that it was with her. Thus, it was evident that the information was leaked, though we have no idea how it did so.

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