Asamanjus: Mythological Drama on Legitimacy & Society’s Questions

This piece of theatre is presented by Paperstars entertainment. It takes you back to times of Mahabharata charged with socially relevant questions . It explores the question wedlock child birth , personal biases and dilemma.

Asamanjus is a product of brave storytelling,nuanced performances and coordinated teamwork. It is set in the times of Indian mythological epic Mahabharata and provokes socially relevant question.

This is an engrossing dance drama that delves  in a narrative centered around a persistent topic in society: Is a child born outside of marriage deemed legitimate or not? The play centers on Kunti, Karna, Krishna, and Arjuna and is set against the backdrop of the well-known Indian epic, the Mahabharata. This play skilfully navigates through Biases and societal standards that they all face.

Karna is kunti’s son. He is born out of wedlock and because of societal circumstances he has navigate through the struggles of identity and rejection. In this translucent Situation Krishna seeks to lead everyone to show path of dharma.

The great warrior Arjuna struggles to learn to confront his own biases , especially to stand opposite his own guru Dronacharya  who schooled him in operating multiple  weapons and now the confused warrior has to charge on him.

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The sequence of kunti and another sequence of Karna, Krishna,  Arjuna will bound you to exclaim with wow and content you to the core .

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The actors bring these characters to life brilliantly. Sankalp Joshi shines as Krishna, adding charm and playful moments. Ajjay Rathore as Arjuna shows a strong personality and physicality in his performance. Rishi Sharma, who plays Karna and also directs, brings honesty and intensity to the role. Nisha Smitha portrays Kunti’s emotions with depth and authenticity.

This is a piece of art is a product of brave choices and execution. It is presented by Paperstars entertainment .

Asamanjus is a visually engaging  production. The energy on stage and the coordinated movements between the artist with music make it a treat to watch. It’s clear that a lot of hard work and teamwork went into creating this show.

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