5 reasons to watch the refreshing Neftlix’s Chaman Bahar

Chaman Bahar is a must-watch for every villager who migrated to the city for nostalgia feels 

Netflix’s Chaman Bahar has been trending on top since Netflix released it last Friday. Chaman Bahar is the story of a young man who runs a Paan shop in Central India. He experiences love for the first time when the family of a teenage girl shifts opposite his shop. Soon, the gangs of teenage boys start following the teenage girl and make a halt at the Billu’s shop. His business flourishes as his shop becomes a famous spot for the boys to get a glimpse of the new girl.

Five reasons to watch Chaman Bahar

Nostalgia feels

Anyone who has been in the village for some duration at some point in his life will totally relate to the characters and the story. People making fun of someone, supporting each other, raging fire between two parties and going gaga over a city girl, you would witness almost everything in this movie that happens in a typical Indian village. The movie will give nostalgia feels to everyone who has a past of villages.

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Jitendra Kumar

After delivering more than convincing performances in Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan and Panchayat, Jitendra Kumar is bang on playing a Paan seller. There are some sequences in this Netflix’s special where Jitendra will make you believe that you are not watching a movie rather you are in a village witnessing a story.

chaman bahar

Simple yet intriguing

The story is very simple but very relatable if you have ever been to a village. The look and feel of the film are alright, humour is good and the dialect is bang-on. It is an entertaining story if you keep political correctness, women empowerment, toxic masculinity and feminism at bay.

Brilliant supporting characters

Bhuvan Arora and Dhirendra Tiwari are a delight in the movie as cunning, clever and yet caring friends. Alam Khan who we have seen in the Kota factory shines yet again as a pan chewing politician.


The movie shows how women are objectified in the society and it gives glimpses of toxic masculinity at times like men going an extra mile to woo their girl. Also, it showcases the political puppets, poverty, police brutality, cancer, and harassment in a village.

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