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BTS V Aka Kim Taehyung To Star In IU’s Upcoming Music Video, BigHit Confirms Post Military Enlistment Update

"BTS V and IU team up for a chart-topping collaboration in IU's upcoming music video. A surprise project post-V's enlistment confirmed by BigHit Music."

“Musical Marvels Unite: BTS V and IU Join Forces for a Chart-Topping Collaboration Post V’s Military Enlistment”

 In a thrilling turn of events, BTS’ V, also known as Kim Taehyung, is set to showcase his musical prowess once again, this time alongside K-pop solo artist IU (Lee Ji Eun). BigHit Music recently confirmed the enlistment plans for several BTS members, including V, making this collaboration a delightful surprise for fans around the world.

Starnews, a prominent K-media outlet, broke the news that V will feature in IU’s upcoming music video. The revelation comes hot on the heels of BigHit Music’s disclosure of BTS members’ military enlistment plans. According to reports, the rush to produce the music video is due to V’s impending enlistment on the 11th, underscoring the dedication of both artists to bring this collaboration to life.

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IU is currently immersed in recording her new album, scheduled for release in the first half of 2024. The urgency to accommodate V’s schedule before his military service adds an extra layer of anticipation to the project. While the specific release date remains unknown, the collaboration promises to be a chart-topping spectacle.

This isn’t the first time V and IU will grace the screen together. Last September, V appeared as a guest on IU’s YouTube channel, Ijejam, for the show Palette, solidifying their special connection. Fans have since been eagerly anticipating an on-screen collaboration between the two, and their wish has finally come true. 

EDAM Entertainment, IU’s agency, confirmed the collaboration, stating, “IU has finished filming the music video with BTS’s V and is preparing a new album with a target release in the first half of the year.” BigHit Music also weighed in with a brief yet affirmative response, confirming the accuracy of the reports.

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While the details of the music video are shrouded in mystery, fans can’t contain their excitement, reminiscing about the duo’s previous interactions and casual conversations. Social media is abuzz with fans expressing their enthusiasm, with comments like “That’ll be an awesome MV!” and “Finally, the much-needed collaboration.”

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As anticipation builds, fans eagerly await more details about this unexpected yet highly anticipated musical rendezvous between BTS’ V and IU. The collaboration is poised to be a powerful union of two musical giants, leaving fans on the edge of their seats for the release of this chart-topping extravaganza.

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