Brother Sister Bond: A Great Short Film of Mahamrityunjay 

Mahamrityunjay is a poignant short film depicting the profound love between siblings, transcending mere bonds. Vidya Malavade shines as Shivya, a devoted Shiva disciple and classical dancer, in this emotionally resonant tale.

Mahamrityunjay: A tale of unbreakable love of siblings, suspense Post-coma, will she dance?

This Mahamrityunjay short film shows the strong bond between brother and sister. This is not a bond, this is love, an emotional feeling. In this movie, we see the strong bond of brother and sister. This movie is also relatable to lord shiva. this short film also promotes the culture of classical dance.

A great classical dancer

The lead character of this short film is Vidya Malavade. She plays an important role in shivya as a sister, she plays a classical dancer role and he is a great devotee of Shiva. Shiva is their beginning and Shiva is their end. Whatever she is today is only because of Shiva. In this short film, shivya ( Vidya Malavade.) plays a  classical dancer role. 

While she was practising her dance, she met with an accident due to which she went into a comma. Himanshu Goel and Danish(Abhishek Chavan)Himanshu Goel and Danish are playing the role of his brother in which Himanshu supports him a lot and Danish does not support him in her classical dance. The suspense of the story is after she goes into a coma, whether she performs classical dance or not.

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