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Bollywood Gossip: Tanushree Dutta’s Marriage Plans Were Reportedly Disrupted Due to Rakhi Sawant!

Unearthing Past Controversies and Accusing Her of Dishonesty: Adil Khan Durrani and Tanushree Dutta Share Startling Insights About Rakhi Sawant

Bollywood Gossip: Tanushree Dutta reveals surprising details about her marriage, read to know more

In 2018, Tanushree Dutta disclosed surprising details surrounding the cancellation of her marriage, citing Rakhi Sawant’s involvement in the matter. Recent news has brought to light the public dispute between Rakhi Sawant and her estranged husband, Adil Khan Durrani. Adil has accused Rakhi of infidelity and making false claims for public attention despite her desire to end their relationship. Notably, Tanushree Dutta has voiced her support for Adil Khan Durrani, asserting that Rakhi Sawant played a role in the dissolution of her marriage to him.

  • Tanushree Dutta shared the details of her marriage plans and the subsequent cancellation.

During a recent news conference alongside Adil, Tanushree Dutta disclosed that Rakhi’s aggressive media scrutiny played a significant role in the deterioration of her marriage. Tanushree explained that her 2018 wedding plans had to be postponed due to Rakhi’s film commitments. She further revealed that her parents faced serious health challenges during that period.

  • Tanushree claims that Rakhi was paid to level baseless accusations against me.

In 2018, Rakhi held multiple press conferences where she vehemently produced derogatory content about me. Instead of offering support during the Me Too Movement, she resorted to defaming me publicly. Later, I discovered that Rakhi had received compensation for orchestrating these damaging videos. Her false accusations inflicted further distress upon me, at a time when I was already grappling with significant challenges. I had no intention of engaging in a confrontation with her. It seemed like she targeted me as she had previously done with Adil and Rajshree. I was left in a state of disbelief, and it took me over a month to recover from the ordeal.

  • Where is Rakhi’s ‘Jejus’ at this moment?

Tanushree shared insights into Rakhi’s utilization of religion for personal gain, expressing, “I suspect Rakhi may be using substances, and her behaviour increasingly erratic. I recall her constant references to ‘Jejus’ for years. I even warned her that someday she might conveniently switch to another religion for her advantage, and that’s precisely what happened. Rakhi’s recent conversion to Islam seems more like a publicity stunt.” Adil chimed in, “What happened to her commitment to wearing the burqa and hijab? She recently mentioned wanting to embrace Hinduism now.”

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  • Rakhi persistently bothered me in 2007

Tanushree revealed that her first encounter with Rakhi was in 2007 during an event in New York. She recalled, “During that event, Rakhi was also present, and I had to firmly distance myself from her persistent attentions. At the airport, she incessantly sought to be near me and even took our transportation to reach the hotel ahead of us. I had no intention of engaging with her, but she continued to cause disruption.”

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