Bigg Boss House Filled with Cringe And Funny Moments

From Rakhi to Neha, who is your Cringe Fav from Bigg Boss OTT

It will be fair enough to say that Indian reality shows are absurd and bizarre. To add on masala, sometimes reality shows surprise us with funny and cringe moments. Bigg Boss can be credited for being one such show.

Bigg Boss OTT has remained in limelight for ages, for its fight, tasks, contestant, and controversies. But this month we witness some of the most cringy and funny moments that were hard to ignore.

Cringiest and funny moments of Bigg Boss

Rakhi ka Dharna

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Rakhi Sawant is one such name who is famous for her dramas. She had very openly expressed her disappointment from Bigg Boss when many ex-BiggBoss contestants were invited to the show but she was not. This hurt her so badly that she organized a strike outside the Bigg Boss OTT set. Recently Rakhi appeared in the show as a guest and say she want to snatch every boy’s T-shirt in the Bigg Boss house.

Urfi knows how to bust the balloons

Urfi Javad is one of the funniest contestants in Bigg Boss OTT so far. In one of the episodes, she got very annoyed with Divya’s constant poking.

Netizens cannot stop laughing as Urfi complains about Divya, “Phod Rahi hu ‘uss Mai Bhi, Yahi balayage, are phodna aata Hai, bachpan se phod Rahe Hai”.

Bihar-UP se aae Hai toh nachaniya samajh liye ho!! 

Yes, this statement was passed by Akshara Singh, a Bhojpuri actress. She lost her cool on Nishant Bhatt and got into ‘You don’t tell me what to do’ mode. She felt that she is being constantly cornered because she hails from UP-Bihar, and address all as ‘Hum’. She got so fumed that she delivers a statement that everybody thinks she is a ‘Nachaniya’.

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Divya was shamed for her periods 

In the crazy Bigg Boss house, people usually pass filthy comments, shame each other for their highly personal reasons, and sometimes over family members. But this time, the mensural cycle of a girl was a mocking subject.

In a fight erupted between singer Neha Bhasin and Divya Aggarwal, Bhasin mocked Divya for being on her periods. After this, Divya’s boyfriend Varun Sood’s sister came in support.

She bashed Neha on Twitter, saying “Can’t believe #NehaBhasin actually body-shamed @Divyakitweet because of her periods. Why can’t the houseguests see this & why do they have to gang up on #DivyaAgarwal? #BiggBossOTT @VootSelect Bitch of the highest order this Neha is”

Netizens also came in support of Divya

Raquesh is in a flirty mood with Shamita

This time Bigg Boss is about connections. Recently Voot Shared a promo in which Raquesh can be seen in a flirtatious mood.

While Shamita was telling Raquesh to go to his bed, he says he likes to sleep next to her. This let Shamita blushed. They also engaged in a funny conversation where Shamita says, “Go na” and Raquesh’s response was’ “Come Na baby”.

Divya is in Radar of Karan again 

Bigg Boss fans often bash host Karan Johar for targeting Divya. In the last Weekend ka vaar episode, Divya and Karan had a tiff, where Divya questions Karan for his allegation. She cleared that she won’t change her nature because of his criticism.

“Karan Johar ne mere bare me boli h aisi baatein jiski wajah se mujhe yaha pe suffer karna pad raha h. Fr m kyu na chillaoon kyu na bolu, kaun kya bigad lega,” Divya said.

Several times, Karan is alleged for continuing Nepotism even in Bigg Boss. As per Netizens, Karan often supports Shamita because she is the sister of Actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra.

These are the cringy and funniest moments we witness this month. Do you come across any other funny and embarrassing moments? Tell us in the comments now.

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