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Bigg Boss 15 Family Week: Kundra Family Called Tejaswi ‘BAHU’, Shamita’s Relation On the Fence with Raqesh!

It’s Bigg Boss 15 Family Week, Family left BB contestants on an emotional note


  • Kundra Family Address Tejaswi as Bahu
  • Is Raqesh still my boyfriend? – Shamita doubts her relation with Raqesh
  • Voh Mare Jaa Rahi Uske sath s*ne k liye – Rajiv quizzes Tejaswi on the muted word
  • Media grilled inmates with Harsh questions

Bigg Boss 15 Family Week: Finally, Bigg Boss 15 is coming with Family Week and after approximately 4 months, housemates got a chance to talk with their loved ones via video call. Now, a new clip is making rounds of social media in which it seems that Karan Kundra’s Parents have accepted Tejaswi Prakash as ‘Bahu’ and said that she is in the heart of the family now. In a facetime with Karan Kundra and his parents, Kundra’s mom left everyone on an emotional note. She said, “I was not in a good shape after returning home”. His father also added that sometimes his mother even forgets that he is not home.

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However, for fans the ‘aww moment’ was Karan introduces Tejaswi to his parents. And the reply of Mr. and Mrs. Kundra was a thumbs up to this relationship.

Bigg Boss 15 Family Week is one of the special episodes for the contestants as well as for the audience of Bigg Boss, as there are not many instances when fans get an opportunity to meet celebs parents.

Bigg Boss 15 Family Week: Is Raqesh still my boyfriend? – Shamita doubts her relation with Raqesh

Shamita Shetty’s mother Sunanda Shetty was seen in the family week round. In the video chat, Shamita confirmed whether Raqesh Bapat is still her boyfriend or not. Sunanda said that Bapat misses her a lot and sent lots of love to her. Initially, Shamita did not get Bapat’s name but later she realize that her mother was talking about Raqesh. She replied, “I am missing him (Raqesh) too and sending back love. I was actually just wondering, is he still my boyfriend? It is been 3 months.” But her mother hinted that he must have sent some message for her via Adatia. In the episode, Adatia said that Raqesh has sent his love for her.

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Voh Mare Jaa Rahi Uske sath s*ne k liye – Rajiv quizzes Tejaswi on the muted word

In some promos, it was seen that Shamita Shetty’s Rakhi Brother Rajiv Adatia also took an entry into the house. He took an entry as a Ring Master of BB 15 house. It seemed that Rajiv was upset with the behavior of Tejaswi towards Shamita and fully prepared to defend Shamita. However, Tejaswi handled the situation very calmly. This made her fans extremely proud of her and got a lot more support

One of the Bigg Boss fans wrote on Twitter, “Finally Tejasswi Cleared What Was That Muted Word”.

The muted word conversation threw many allegations on the Bigg Boss contestant. Shamita’s fans trolled Prakash for defaming Shetty on national television. However, in the recent episode, Tejaswi clarified the muted word.

There is a continuous rift between Shamita Shetty and Tejaswi Prakash in the Bigg Boss House and this catfight is continuous outside the house between Tejaswi and Shamita’s fans. Most of their fights revolve around Karan Kundra.

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Therefore, a user wrote in Hindi, to whom Rajiv Adatia is explaining? A person who does not possess a brain of even 2 paise. Of Couse, Karan wants to talk with Shamita but avoids it as she (Tejaswi) gets mad. Shamita Shetty’s boyfriend (Raqesh Bapat) is 1000 times better than Tejaswi’s Boyfriend (Karan Kundra). And She (Shamita) was possessive in OTT, the difference is she never puked venom like Teja.

Media grilled inmates with Harsh questions

Once again media grilled the Bigg Boss house 15 participates with harsh questions. The media panel included journalist Dibang who seemed quite upset with Abhijit Bichukale. He even reprimanded Bichukale for his aggressive behavior and intolerant behavior in front of media professionals. He told him, Aise Kaise Pradhan Mantri banoge agar criticism sah Nhi sakte?

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