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Rajiv Adatia Changed The Equations Of Bigg Boss 15 House! What is Next?

Rajiv Adatia enters as a wild kind in the Bigg Boss 15 house. Know who he is

Who will be the wild card entry of Bigg Boss? Many speculations were going over this that who will spice up the house more. Well, the team of Bigg Boss 15 found all these flavors in the former model, social media influencer Rajiv Adatia.

Who is Rajiv Adatia?


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Rajiv Adatia has been associated with many domestic and international brands. As seen in the intro video of Rajiv, he knows many popular faces of the Bollywood industry. He is also very active in the Showbiz industry. He is an entrepreneur, producer, and motivational speaker too.

He is very close to the Shetty sisters. In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Adatia told Salman that Shamita Shetty is her Rakhi sister and he already knows Karan Kundra, Pratik Sehajpal, Umar Riaz, Jay Bhanushali, Ieshaan Sehgal, and Vishal Kotian from outside.

Adatia is associated with a décor company Wed in Style. He owns an event company and his services are availed by many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities.

Who is on the hit list of Rajiv? 

Before even entering Bigg Boss 15, Rajiv had revealed many things about the BB15 inmates and who is his target?

He had unveiled some qualities of Bigg Boss, 15 inmates, in one word.

Rajiv finds Vishal, who claims to be Shamita’s Anna, is very two-faced, bada dhokebaaz, and manipulative. Moreover, he did not like his game, that is why he called him 2 faced. He called Karan Kundra controlling, Ieshaan- Pyar me Andha as he is only being a lover boy rather than concentrating on his game. Miesha is Tez and Akasa is Kamzor as per Adatia. He further added Shamita is loyal and entertaining, Pratik is coconut, Tejasswi is Samajhdar, Umar is clueless, Simba is invisible, Afsana is Phataka, Jay is socha samjha Hua Khiladi and Nishant is Saap.

Bb updates 

Vishal’s Gareebi card

In the Weekend ka Vaar episode, Hina Khan met the contestants to add a little masala to the episode. While all the contestants were playing tasks sportingly, Vishal seemed a little upset about his clothes being stained. To show his protest, he sat in a towel for the entire segment. Meanwhile, BB fans found Vishal rude and also slammed him for his behavior.

In the same episode, Bigg Boss gave one more task, where every contestant had to categorize Shamita, Karan, and Jay in 100% fake, 100% original, and 50-50 original & fake. BB15 inmates announced Kundra 100% original, Shetty 50-50, and Bhanushali 100% fake.

Kundra wants to leave the show!


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In the tussle for getting into the main house, junglewasis had to make BB notes. But as we all know, contestants tend to get involved in a physical fight while performing such tasks. We saw Karan giving a choke slam to Pratik. Over this Salman criticized Kundra for his behavior and told him that he was only spared as Pratik did not take any action against him. After this, Karan did apologize to Sehajpal but also broke into tears in front of Jay in regret. He said that he did not want to play the game and wished to quit the show. Karan was disappointed because Pratik did not react because he considers Karan his mentor and respects him a lot.

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Friends turn into foe

In the recent live feeds, we saw that the  equations were changed in the Bigg Boss 15 house after the wild card entry of Rajiv Adatia. Even friends had turned into a foe. It seems most of the contestants have cornered Vishal, even his Akka Shamita.

Therefore, fans are also manifesting that Rajiv might take the place of Vishal in-house. What do you think? Tell us in the comments. Whom are you supporting this week?

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