6 Reasons to Follow Arun Singh – Your Next-Door Punjabi Uncle

 How Arun Singh is quirky AF and why you should follow him The Jhumroo now.

The Punjabi uncle’s car rant to take Arya to the park; you have probably seen him on morning walks, on NDTV, or positively on The Jhumroo.

Yes, we are talking about your next-door Punjabi Uncle, aka Arun Singh.
Arun is a journalist with NDTV, delivering political to entertainment news. This is enough to presume that he must be a serious kind of person. But hey, hey!
To our surprise, Arun Singh is defying all stereotypes in his very own way. When a journalist is expected to be serious, always talking about what’s happening in which political party, he got some groovy Punjabi bhangra moves, a Punjabi uncle accent, and recently trying his hand at singing too.
Did you leave anything from your sight Jhumroo?
Well, however, today, we will tell how Arun Singh is quirky AF and why you should follow him.

1. The Positive Punjabi Uncle

This Punjabi uncle is judgmental in the right ways. When the whole world was busy remarking on Sushmita Sen as a gold digger, the uncle came up with a befitting reply.


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2. Uncle got you fashion tips

Yes, this Punjabi uncle knows all the latest fashion trends and comes up with practical tips too.
If you find Urfi Javed’s fashion sense bizarre, know from him how her style is practical in every way possible.
Kudos to you, man!


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3. Arya ke Dadu

Arya ke dadu is giving us some grandpa-grandkid goals. Spending valuable time with your grandchildren is indeed a wonderful experience. But there are some hilarious conversations between this duo which are exposed by Singh now.
If you also did not know how to deal with a notorious child, Dadu got your back.


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Moreover, he knows how to pass on the wisdom of words and Sanskar in your future general.
Yo Dadu!

4. Desi dad’s car rant

This is relatable AF! Probably more than stereo, our dad’s rants turn on as soon as we step into the car. In this car rant, you will get all sorts of advice. From health advice to career plans, your dad is indeed a one-stop destination for all.

5. Dance numbers

Yes, this journo can catch the Punjabi beat perfectly. From taking trending dance move challenges on Insta reels to vibing on Bhangra beats with professionals, Arun Singh proves he is an authentic Punjabi jinhe dancer Karne ka Sirf bahana chahiye.
Are you booking him for your next cousin’s Shaadi?


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6. Can Arun Singh Sing?

Yes! To your surprise, this is a brand-new talent added to Arun’s bucket. He shared the stage with Vipasha Malhotra. The two jammed on popular trend ‘Agg Lagva majboori nu’.
Did we leave out anything? Oh sure, we did. Kyuki kitna bhi try karlo Bunny, kuch na kuch to chuth hi jaega, tum ‘The Jhumroo’ thodi na ho jo sab kuch kar loge.


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He also appeared on Tedx (Asli Wala), where we got to how this ground reporter skyrocketed the level of popularity with his quirk and talent.
Well, not to forget if you can always add some energetic Punjabi numbers to your playlist from the Reel list of The Jhumroo. And following him will not let you down, we bet!

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