5 Reasons to watch or not watch Super 30

Hrithik has acted well in Super 30 but his overdone looks and unconvincing Bihari accent is too much to take in

Super 30 released this weekend and since then has created a decent buzz in the moviegoers. The movie is based on the journey of genius mathematician Anand Kumar. Sorry let me correct here, it is not based, it’s inspired by the Kumar’s journey. The audiences have matured in the last few years and if they are going to see a movie based on a person, they do not want lots of drama in it. The first half of the movie is all about the struggle of the personal life of Mathematician Anand Kumar.  The second half is drama based on challenges he faced during rising the pilot batch of famous “Super 30”.

Here are 5 reasons to watch or not watch Hrithik Roshan Starrer “Super 30”.

Why Watch

  1. Hrithik Roshan is back after 2.5 years on the big screen and never looked out of character
  2. Pankaj Tripathi is hilarious in his limited screen space. He makes you laugh effortlessly in every scene.
  3. This is the inspiring story of a hero who failed to reach Cambridge because of money gives almost 30 IITians every year.
  4. There are some hilarious jokes in Bihari accents which will let you go “Gajab”.
  5.     The movieputs an important question of ‘Education to all’ on a big platform.

Why not watch

  1. The new age audiences don’t want a real story served with fictional drama mixed in it. How can kids fight armed goons in the real world?
  2. No doubt, Hrithik has acted well but his overdone looks and unconvincing Bihari accent is too much to take in.
  3. None of the songs really excites you or gets you up on your feet.
  4. Lot more could have been done in the movie in aspect of showing more about his coaching class.
  5. A movie which is based on excellent success ration in IIT hardly talks about cracking difficult questions/quizzes and what goes into the preparation of tough IIT exams.

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