5 movies of Leonardo DiCaprio you must have seen if you call yourself a movie bluff.

5 movies of Leonardo DiCaprio you must have seen if you call yourself a movie bluff

Leanardo DiCaprio got his long due Oscar in The Revenant and no one was surprised. I we were surprised then the reason was, why he wasn’t given before? He has entertained us in almost every genre by playing all roles with utmost conviction. He might not have done any super-hero or a marvel movie and might not have the fan-following which other actors of his stature enjoy but surely he has some mesmerizing movies in his kitty. Let’s look at some of them…

  1. Titanic

I know it’s silly to even think that you might not have seen this movie, but if you haven’t seen this movie, you are lucky. Why lucky! Because you get to see this amazing movie for the first time. The extraordinary romantic tale of Jack and Rose was loved by everyone who watched this movie. So, you if haven’t watched it, watch it now and if you have watched it before go and watch it again.

  1. The Departed

The departed is a crime film where DiCaprio plays a FBI agent who helps the FBI to track down the corrupt police officers. The ensemble cast of movie includes Matt Damon, Leonardo Dicaprio, Jack Nicholson, Mark Walhberg and others.

  1. Inception

Helmed by Christopher Nolan, this is one of the most confusing yet entertaining movie ever made in Hollywood industry. The movie is based on stealing information from targets by entering in the dreams.

  1. Shutter Island

This is that kind of movie which compels you to say “Oh My God, What’s Just Happened”. The story is intriguing and you cannot predict what will happen later.  So go and fetch some popcorn before you sit on couch to watch movie.

  1. Catch Me If You Can

The last in the list is “Catch Me If You Can”. This is a biopic of Frank Abagnale who duped people with more than million dollars. His crime becomes so big that FBI agent Carl Hanratty a FBI agent starts hunting him down.

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