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5 Lessons to learn from Instagram queen Alia Bhatt to make your account engaging!

5 Instagram Lessons to learn from Instagram Queen Alia Bhatt

Instagram is the most used app these days. Be it a celebrity or a common man, everyone loves gram. It is like our whole life on a phone screen. Life without Instagram is a Big No. How would we get know what’s happening all across the globe and what our celebs are up to? Can you afford to miss a single detail from Deepveer’s wedding functions these days?  Instagram is everything that we need today. One can get all the hottest news on Instagram. Well, there are so many influencers on Instagram who inspire us, but nobody does it better than Instagram queen Alia Bhatt. She rules Instagram like a  boss!  Her pictures are always on point and we can’t help but drool. Here are 5 Instagram lessons that we should learn from Alia Bhatt.

insta-queen Alia Bhatt

1. Show love for pets

Alia has a cat and we all know how much she loves her. She also runs a campaign called #poochoverPatakha in association with CoExist. To make your page more engaging you need to post pictures with your pooch. Make sure you love them just like Alia. She is a huge animal lover.

2. Keep it simple

Instagram queen Alia doesn’t like to put a lot of makeup. Her posts are often simple and natural. If you look at her instagram account, you will find pictures of her daily life- lying down, reading a book, in the vanity van, playing with babies and so on. All you can do is keep it short and simple.

3.F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Happy Faces

Alia Bhatt has a lot of friends and we love her for this. She keeps on posting pictures with her friends. Huddle your friends together, make them laugh, have a good time and get clicked as much you want. Post those happy pictures on Instagram and your work is done.

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4. Hooking Captions

Another thing that we love about Alia Bhatt is her hooking captions. She knows how to weave magic with her words. The crux is- Whenever you post a picture do little R&D on captions.

5. Huji Cam

Oh! We cannot forget it. Alia is hooked on this app like an over enthu HR. The app is free and it gives you a nostalgic polaroid vibe in 2018. In short, Huji cam is everything.

So, what are waiting for? Start working on your insta account right now!

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