#10Yearchallenge: Still thinking to join the bandwagon?

# 10Yearchallenge: Right from Sonam Kapoor to Bipasha Basu, all are taking it!

#10yearchallenge is the latest viral challenge on social media. It has created a lot of buzz among the millennials. Everybody is taking up a challenge. Be it a celebrity or a commoner, everybody is posting their 10-year-old picture beside their recent picture. If you don’t know about this challenge, we request you to kindly log in to social media accounts. Nobody knows from where this challenge started but its fun.

The best part of the challenge is that anybody can take part in this challenge. All you need to do is- just take your 10-year-old picture beside your current picture. Well, it is the first viral challenge of 2019. As we know there is nothing that our B- town celebs can’t do. Well, they have joined the bandwagon, and are posting their pictures. Sonam Kapoor, Vishal Dadlani, Mahhi Vij, Bipasha Basu, all are posting their pictures.

It seems Sonam Kapoor has not aged. She looked so gracious in the picture. She shared her picture from the sets of  Delhi 6 along with her recent picture in Ek Ladki Ko dekha toh aisa Laga. The film is slated to release on Feburary, 2019.

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On the other hand, Vishal Dadlani shared a picture and recalled how obese he was and gyming has made a huge difference in his life.
Bipasha Basu has also shared her picture. She was a fitness freak and she is still a fitness freak, we are just drooling over her picture.

Several other pictures are also doing the round on the internet

Apart from celebrities, telecom company  Jio has taken up the challenge. It shared a quirky image with text – “ Miss call, we miss you.” And we completely agree. Now, the free calls have just changed our lives.


Overall, this is a fun challenge. If you are still thinking to join the bandwagon then don’t think so much. Just go post your picture.

Not every challenge on the internet is harmful. Some are meant for fun and this one of them. It will also make you feel nostalgic.

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