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Congress Triumph Unveiled: Rajasthan Election Results 2023

Explore the transformative results of Rajasthan Election 2023 as Congress celebrates victory. Dive into the list of winning candidates reshaping the political dynamics, marking a historic electoral triumph.

Rajasthan Election Results 2023: As the electoral saga concludes, Congress emerges victorious in Rajasthan with a list of winning candidates, reshaping the political landscape amid fierce competition.

In the unfolding Rajasthan Election Results 2023, anticipation runs high as the fate of 199 assembly constituencies hangs in the balance. The battleground encompasses 36 counting centers, each pulsating with political fervor. A total of 1,121 ROs are diligently overseeing the democratic spectacle.

Rajasthan Election Results 2023: Party-wise results & leading candidates of BJP & Congress, Check Full List Here

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The BJP and Congress, the principal contenders, vie for supremacy. According to prevalent exit polls, BJP is poised to outshine Congress, setting the stage for a potential political shift. However, Congress remains optimistic about securing a mandate to form the government, emphasizing their perspective amidst the post-counting narrative.

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Decisive Count: Electoral Drama Unfolds

The electoral saga kicked off with the commencement of vote counting at 8 a.m. on December 3, unveiling a meticulous process that prioritizes the tallying of mail-in ballots. Praveen Gupta, spokesperson for the elections, assured the public of thorough preparations across all counting centers. The count unfolds in phases, with the formidable task of deciphering postal ballots, numbering approximately 5 lakh, taking precedence upon the opening of the strong room. A battalion of 1,121 Assistant Returning Officers (ARO) stands ready to navigate the intricate landscape of results, adding an air of anticipation to this democratic spectacle.

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