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Allu Arjun’s Silent Stand: Telangana’s Early Voter Icon

Allu Arjun, a Tollywood icon, leads by example in early Telangana voting, encouraging civic duty with a silent stance on political queries. A star-studded democratic morning unfolds in Hyderabad.

Tollywood Star Allu Arjun Encourages Civic Duty, Chooses Silence on Politics

Tollywood icon Allu Arjun took an early stand for civic duty, being among the first to cast his vote in Telangana’s election. Encouraging fellow citizens, he flashed his inked finger and, when questioned on political views, chose to remain silent. Hyderabad saw a star-studded morning, with Junior NTR, Venkatesh Daggubati, and Srikanth participating in the democratic process.

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Vote Matters: Azharuddin’s Call

Jubilee Hills Congress candidate Mohammad Azharuddin emphasized the importance of voting, stating that those who abstain forfeit their right to question. Telangana’s political landscape features a three-way contest, with BRS (formerly TRS), Congress, and BJP in contention. AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi urged increased voter turnout for the preservation of the state’s cultural harmony.

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He emphasized the significance of voting, stating it enhances political accountability. Amidst a high-stakes campaign, BJP and Congress aim to challenge the BRS stronghold. Telangana’s electoral dynamics reflect a vibrant democracy, with citizens urged to fulfil their responsibility, especially first-time voters, who bear a significant role in shaping the future.

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