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Pleasure in pop culture: Event Highlights

Pleasure in Pop culture #Forwomenbywomen

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year. To mark the day this year, Love Matters India has launched a week-long campaign called  “Pleasure in pop culture” – For women, by women” to celebrate women’s pleasure in popular culture – through the female gaze.

The campaign focused on celebrating and attesting positive and diverse representations of women’s sexuality, pleasure, and desire through everything that comes under the umbrella of ‘popular culture’.

Well, it has always been a taboo talk when it comes to the pleasure of women. The event was witnessed by some great artists who talked about pleasure through their art forms like poems, storytelling, stand-up comedy etc. For all, the sole motive was to make the audience understand that certain topics need elevation which certainly will give rise to women.

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Let’s talk about pleasure but this time pleasure of women!!!!

The event held on 9th March at Raasta café New Delhi raised some major issues, which later was discussed amongst the audience. The good part was the number of men in that event to support the cause. Also, the event supported the LGBT community and their preferences. International Women’s Day was the perfect day to be talking about the pleasures in women, whereas the need for making these talks more comfortable in society.

Apparently,  women also have the right to be happy when it is about pleasure and sex. Pleasure is one aspect which is seen stereotypically in our society. The extreme thought process of Indians leads to the suppression of the pleasure of women. Love Matters in India has always been successful in talking about these topics.

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