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Heartfelt Separation: Himanshi Khurana & Asim Riaz End Four-Year Romance Over Religious Differences

Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz part ways after four years, citing 'different religious beliefs.' An emotional journey unfolds as they share the mature decision on social media. Respect their privacy.

Celeb couple Himanshi Khurana and Asim Riaz part ways, revealing the emotional turmoil behind their mature decision on social platforms

Himanshi Khurana recently shared a heartfelt announcement about her separation from Asim Riaz, concluding a four-year relationship. The Punjabi singer cited ‘different religious beliefs’ as the reason for their breakup, expressing their mutual decision on Instagram Stories.

In her poignant statement, Himanshi conveyed, “Despite our efforts, we couldn’t find a solution for our lives. Although we still love each other, circumstances aren’t favouring a happily ever after. It’s not about hate, just mature decision-making.”

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Religious Differences: Himanshi’s Candid X Account Confession

She further elaborated on her X account, stating, “Yes, we’re not together anymore. Our time together was wonderful, but we’ve decided to part ways due to our distinct religious beliefs. We harbour no ill feelings and request respect for our privacy.”


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Their journey began in the Bigg Boss 13 house, where they started dating amidst the spotlight. Himanshi, initially in a long-term relationship before Bigg Boss, eventually ended it for Asim. The couple, known for their romantic songs, faced challenges but released four successful tracks in 2020.

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While Himanshi openly shared their story, Asim has not commented on the matter yet, leaving fans in anticipation of his perspective on this significant chapter in their lives.

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