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Train Waiting List: Indian Railways Sets Goal to Eliminate Waiting Lists in 4-5 Years: Sources!

Train Waiting List : Indian Railways ambitiously targets zero waiting lists in 4-5 years, addressing rising demand with expanded services and 3,000 new trains.

Train Waiting List: Indian Railways Aims for Zero Waiting Lists Within 4-5 Years, According to Insider Sources!

In a significant announcement, the Ministry of Railways has unveiled an audacious plan to eliminate all waiting lists within the next 4-5 years. The initiative aims to address the escalating demand for railway services, especially in the general and sleeper-class coaches.

Sources within the ministry reveal that a comprehensive strategy is underway to manage the surge in demand, particularly for more affordable travel options. Recent data from April to October 2023 indicates a noteworthy shift in passenger distribution.

Non-AC coaches, encompassing General and Sleeper classes, carried a remarkable 95.3% of all passengers, totaling a staggering 372 crore individuals. This demonstrates a substantial increase of 38 crore passengers compared to the previous year, emphasizing the growing preference for cost-effective travel. AC coaches accommodated 4.7% of the total passengers, amounting to 18.2 crore individuals, marking a notable increase of 3.1 crores from the previous year.

The overall surge in passenger numbers amounted to 41.1 crores, indicating a 92.5% increase in non-AC (general and sleeper class) passengers. This shift underscores a preference for more budget-friendly travel options. In response to this burgeoning demand, Indian Railways has significantly expanded its services.

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, in a press conference on Thursday, announced plans to introduce 3,000 new trains over the next four to five years, to increase passenger capacity from 800 crore to 1,000 crore. Reducing travel time is another key objective of the ministry.

“We need 3,000 extra trains that will make multiple trips to accommodate this increased number of passengers,” stated Minister Vaishnaw. With 69,000 new coaches currently available and approximately 5,000 new coaches manufactured each year, railway sources reveal that the system can add 200 to 250 new trains annually, in addition to the 400 to 450 Vande Bharat trains planned for the coming years.

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Minister Vaishnaw highlighted the superior performance of Vande Bharat trains, with acceleration and deceleration rates four times better than other mail and express trains. While implementing Vande Bharat on all routes will take time, the railways are working on an interim solution to improve acceleration and deceleration by adopting a technology called the push-pull configuration mode.

“This push-pull configuration will be used on all coaches currently under manufacture, upgrading long-distance trains and significantly reducing travel time,” Vaishnaw affirmed. The ambitious plan reflects the Indian Railways’ commitment to meet the evolving needs of passengers and enhance the efficiency of rail travel across the country.

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