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Tragedy Strikes: 25 Boats Consumed in Visakhapatnam Harbor Blaze

Heartbreaking fire in Visakhapatnam harbour engulfs 25 fishing boats, prompting Navy intervention. Estimated loss of ₹4-5 crores. Investigations are underway amid suspicions of foul play.

Visakhapatnam: Navy Intervenes as Valiant Firefighters Battle Inferno, Loss Estimated at ₹4-5 Crores

In Visakhapatnam, a heartbreaking incident unfolded as 25 fishing boats were reduced to ashes in a massive fire at the harbour last night. Despite the valiant efforts of multiple fire engines, an Indian Navy vessel had to be called in to bring the raging fire under control.

Each of these boats, valued at nearly 15 lakh, adds up to an estimated loss ranging between ₹4-5 crores. Vishakhapatnam Police Commissioner Ravi Shankar revealed that the fire originated on a fishing boat late at night. Attempts were made to isolate the boat by setting it adrift to prevent the fire from spreading, but the winds and water flow brought it back to the jetty. Tragically, the flames quickly engulfed the other boats.

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Inferno’s Origin: Diesel and Cylinders Fuel Blaze

The intense fire was fueled by diesel containers and gas cylinders on the boats, turning the entire jetty area into an inferno. Fishermen suspect foul play, with some suggesting that criminals may have deliberately set the boats ablaze. There is also speculation that the fire may have been triggered by a party on one of the boats.

Heart-wrenching visuals from the harbour depicted firefighters bravely battling the flames as distressed fishermen looked on helplessly, witnessing their livelihoods go up in smoke. The situation escalated with blasts in some boats, possibly caused by the fire reaching fuel tanks, leading to panic in the area.

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Late-Night Blaze: Urgent Probe Underway

Senior police officer Ananda Reddy reported that the fire broke out around 11:30 pm. He urged people to stay away due to the risk of cylinders on the boats causing explosions. Thankfully, no casualties have been reported so far. A case has been filed, and investigations are underway. Police Commissioner Ravi Shankar assured that a multidisciplinary probe will be conducted to uncover the truth behind this devastating incident.

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