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Rahul Gandhi: India-Bharat Name Controversy

Rahul Gandhi criticizes the India-Bharat name controversy as a government-driven panic reaction, emphasizing absurdity and diversionary tactics, while speculations persist about a possible renaming of India as Bharat.

Rahul Gandhi denounces India-Bharat name row, labelling it government-driven panic and diversion, amid speculations about renaming India as Bharat.

Congress Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi commented on the India-Bharat name controversy, characterizing it as a reactionary move driven by the government’s fear. Speaking at a press conference in Brussels, he expressed contentment with the constitutional name “India that is Bharat” and regarded the recent developments as diversionary tactics. Rahul Gandhi emphasized the government’s fear, referring to the proposed name change as absurd.

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He noted a pattern where Prime Minister Modi introduces new diversionary tactics whenever issues like Adani and crony capitalism are raised by the opposition. Rahul Gandhi found it intriguing that this controversy emerged just after his press conference on Mr Adani.

Bharat vs. India

The controversy began when a G20 invitation referred to President Droupadi Murmu as the President of Bharat instead of India. Similarly, documents related to PM Modi’s Indonesia visit used “Bharat” to describe him as the Prime Minister, not India.

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Speculation Abounds

It’s important to note that the potential renaming of India as Bharat is speculative, as there has been no official government indication of such a change. Prime Minister Modi has advised ministers to exercise restraint in this ongoing debate. However, with a special Parliament session scheduled from September 18 to 22, speculation continues about the possibility of a name change. While some BJP leaders support the idea, the opposition has raised questions about whether it’s linked to the opposition alliance’s name, INDIA (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance).

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