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PM Modi in Parliament: Lotus will bloom; amid ‘Modi-Adani Bhai Bhai’ slogans

PM Modi In Parliament:  “Why none of them use Nehru last name if Nehru was such a great person?” says PM

PM Modi in Parliament took a dig at the opposition by saying the more  ‘keechad’ (sludge) you will throw at us, the lotus will bloom even more, in his parliamentary speech in Rajya Sabha on Thursday. After continuous anti-government slogans were raised against him by the Adani Group.

“For the entire country, some members’ behaviour and attitude are disappointing. To such individuals, I will say: “Jitna keechad uchhaloge, kamal utna hi khilega” (the more mud you throw at us, the more the lotus will bloom). We shall give thanks to the opposition for helping the lotus to grow and flourish “added PM Modi.

The opposition MPs started shouting “Modi-Adani bhai-bhai” in Rajya Sabha as PM Modi began to respond to the Motion of Thanks in the President’s address.

Modi accused Congress of using “tokenism” as their only approach to the nation’s problems. The PM stated, “We work hard to meet the expectations and ambitions of the people of the country, while they (the Congress) used to say ‘Gareebi Hatao’ but did nothing for nearly 40 years.

The Prime Minister assailed the Gandhis and questioned why none of them adopted Jawaharlal Nehru’s last name, “Nehru,” after the country’s first Prime Minister.

“They (Congress) get upset if Nehru isn’t mentioned everywhere. Why does none of them use the Nehru last name if Nehru was such a great person? Why is it offensive to use the Nehru name? ” PM Modi asked Congress in the Rajya Sabha.

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“No family (Nehru) owns this country,”

PM Modi criticised Congress for its history of trying to seize control of the state machine by using the emergency powers granted by Article 356 of the Constitution, claiming that the grand old party was the one that misused constitutional protections and overthrew elected state governments at will.

“Even though they have overthrown elected state governments 90 times, they claim that we trouble the states. One Congress PM dismissed elected state governments fifty times by invoking Article 356, That was Indra Gandhi, PM said.

He stated, “Congress might have tried to build a foundation, as suggested by Kharge ji, but they only dug holes during their time.”

Modi highlighted the achievements of his government, including the removal of the waiting period for cooking gas, the opening of bank accounts for everyone, and the supply of power connections.

“In the past three to four years, about 11 crore homes have received water connections. In terms of empowering the general public, we launched the Jan Dhan account movement. 48 crore Jan Dhan accounts have been opened nationwide over the past nine years,” he remarked.

The Congress got angry over Kharge remarks on PM Modi linked with Adani that were expunged from Parliament records.

The action was taken on Kharge’s remarks made during the debate of the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address on Wednesday night, one day after Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla ordered the removal of 18 references made along similar lines by Congress MP Rahul Gandhi.

Senior MPs Mukul Wasnik and Pramod Tiwari supported Kharge in calling for the removal of Kharge’s remarks from records in the Rajya Sabha, which was presided over by Congress Chief Whip Jairam Ramesh.

Opposition politicians shouted slogans tying the prime minister to Adani and demanding a JPC investigation into claims made by US short-seller Hindenburg Research throughout the entirety of his speech.

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