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India Raises Concerns Over Pro-Khalistani Posters in Canada

India expresses alarm over pro-Khalistani posters in Canada, seeks action against radical ideology; emphasises importance of bilateral relations with partner countries.

India raises issue with Canada as Pro-Khalistani posters in Canada featuring top diplomats appear; calls for action against radical ideology.

India has recently expressed its concerns to the Canadian government regarding the appearance of pro-Khalistani posters in Canada. The posters featured the photos and names of India’s top diplomats and were displayed during a protest march in Toronto and Vancouver. External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar has emphasised the need for partner countries like Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia to refrain from providing space to Khalistanis, as their radical and extremist ideology is detrimental to bilateral relations.

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Unacceptable Posters Prompt India’s Intervention

India raises the issue of pro-Khalistani posters appearing in Canada, featuring Indian diplomats, with the Canadian government. Canada’s Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly describes the promotional materials as “unacceptable” and stresses that the actions of a few individuals should not be generalised to represent an entire community or Canada as a whole.

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Protest March and Allegations

The pro-Khalistani posters were displayed during a protest march aimed at Indian missions in Toronto and Vancouver. These posters insinuated the involvement of the Indian government in the killing of Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF) chief Hardeep Singh Nijjar. The posters prominently displayed the names and photos of the Indian high commissioner and consul general, suggesting their association with the incident.

India’s Response and Request for Support

Speaking to reporters, External Affairs Minister S.Jaishankar confirms that the matter has been brought to the attention of the Canadian government. He asserts that India will raise the issue of the posters during discussions with the concerned authorities. Jaishankar stresses that the radical and extremist Khalistani ideology is harmful to not only India but also its allies, including the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. India has already requested these countries to refrain from providing a platform to Khalistanis due to the negative impact on bilateral relations.

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Canada’s Commitment to Diplomatic Safety

Canada’s Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly expresses the country’s commitment to the safety of diplomats under the Vienna Conventions. In a tweet, she assures that Canada remains in close contact with Indian officials regarding the protest planned for July 8th and condemns the circulating promotional material as unacceptable. Joly underscores that the actions of a few individuals should not be seen as representative of an entire community or Canada as a nation.

India’s concerns over pro-Khalistani posters appearing in Canada have prompted diplomatic interventions. The Indian government has raised the issue with Canadian authorities, emphasising the need to deny space to radical and extremist Khalistani ideology. Canada’s foreign minister has assured India of their commitment to diplomatic safety and highlighted that the actions of a few individuals should not be misconstrued as the views of an entire community or the country. It is crucial for both nations to address such incidents promptly and preserve the integrity of their bilateral relations.

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