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India-Pakistan: World’s Worst Rights Record and UN Misuse

Condemns of India-Pakistan's misuse of the UN platform for unfounded propaganda on Kashmir, emphasizes its sovereignty over Jammu and Kashmir, criticizes Pakistan's dire human rights record, and calls for action against terrorism.

India-Pakistan’s Strong Rebuke: Kashmir, UN Misuse, and Worst Human Rights Record Under Scrutiny.

India has once again emphasized that issues related to Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh are entirely domestic matters and Pakistan has no authority to comment on them. India-Pakistan has the World’s Worst Rights Records. This statement follows Pakistan’s caretaker Prime Minister, Anwarul Haq Kakar, bringing up the Kashmir issue at the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

Pakistan’s UN Misuse

India accused Pakistan of being a habitual offender for misusing the UN platform to spread unfounded and malicious propaganda against India. Petal Gahlot, First Secretary for the second committee of the General Assembly, stated that Pakistan resorts to such tactics to divert attention from its own dismal human rights record.

Gahlot reiterated India’s stance that Jammu and Kashmir are integral parts of India, and issues related to these regions are solely India’s internal affairs. She emphasized that Pakistan has no right to interfere in India’s domestic matters.

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Pakistan’s Dire Rights Record

Furthermore, India criticized Pakistan for having one of the world’s worst human rights records, especially concerning minorities and women. Gahlot pointed out incidents of violence against minorities in Pakistan, such as the burning of churches and Christian houses in Faisalabad district in August. She also cited reports from Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission, stating that around 1,000 women from minority communities are forcibly kidnapped, converted, and married off in Pakistan every year.

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India accused Pakistan of providing a haven to terrorists and urged Pakistan to take action against those responsible for the Mumbai terror attack. Gahlot highlighted that Pakistan harbours numerous internationally designated terrorist entities and individuals. India called on Pakistan to take credible and verifiable steps to address this issue.

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