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Gujarat Tourism’s pre-Vibrant Summit event focuses on making India an adventure spot

"Gujarat Tourism pre-Vibrant Summit sparks sustainable adventure, aiming for India in the top 10 global adventure destinations.

Unveiling India’s Adventure Playground: Gujarat Tourism Pre-Vibrant Summit Event Ignites the Spirit

Gujarat Tourism Pre Vibrant Summit Event Concludes

Paving the Way for Global Recognition: Adventure Takes Center Stage

Gujarat Tourism, in collaboration with the Adventure Tour Operators Association of India, recently orchestrated a groundbreaking prelude to the upcoming Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. The 15th annual convention, hosted at the majestic Statue of Unity in Kevadiya, unfolded from December 16 to 18, charting a course that aims to position India among the top 10 global destinations for Adventure Tourism.

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Confluence of Visionaries: The Three-Day Adventure Odyssey

Drawing together over 300 adventure tour operators, enthusiasts, travellers, and industry leaders from every corner of India, the three-day convention showcased a commitment to not only promote adventure but to do so sustainably. Supported by the Tourism Corporation of Gujarat, the event sought to set new standards for eco-friendly and responsible tourism practices.

Sustainability as a Beacon: A Carbon-Neutral Adventure

In a bid to uphold their commitment to sustainable tourism, the organizers implemented a comprehensive strategy to offset the carbon emissions generated during the three-day spectacle. A notable achievement was the impressive 68% reduction in energy consumption achieved by scheduling the conference during the winter, effectively reducing cooling loads and diesel consumption. Delegates were also actively encouraged to minimize their carbon footprints, both in their accommodation choices and daily activities.

Zero Plastic Waste: A Bold Initiative

The convention organizers, cognizant of the environmental impact of large-scale events, took a bold step towards sustainability. Recognizing the potential use of 4,700 plastic bottles per day, a Zero Plastic Waste policy was enforced, eliminating a staggering 15,000 plastic bottles from the event’s ecological footprint. Participants were encouraged to use reusable bottles, with strategically placed water dispensers ensuring hydration without contributing to plastic waste.

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Seed Papers and Paperless Initiatives: Nurturing Sustainability

To make the convention entirely paperless, over 2,000 sheets of paper were saved by opting for digital communication and information dissemination. To add an innovative touch, 400 seed papers were ingeniously used for badges and luggage tags, encouraging participants to plant and nurture the badges after the event—an eco-friendly keepsake symbolizing the commitment to a greener future.


Conscious Consumption: Tackling Food Wastage

An often-overlooked aspect of large events is food wastage. The convention took a conscientious stand by displaying the amount of wasted food after each meal, urging participants to minimize food waste. Additionally, plastic sachets for condiments like butter, jam, and sugar were eliminated, further contributing to sustainable dining practices.

Knowledge Exchange: Empowering the Adventure Tourism Industry

Beyond the tangible eco-friendly initiatives, the convention served as a knowledge hub, fostering discussions on sustainable event management practices. Multiple sessions, led by industry practitioners, provided a platform for sharing insights into the impact of eco-friendly practices on the adventure tourism sector.

Planting for the Future: Offsetting Emissions

In collaboration with Gujarat Tourism and the Forest Department of Gujarat, the Adventure Tour Operators Association initiated a tree-planting drive, contributing to the region’s biodiversity. 200 saplings were planted near the event area, with the Forest Department committed to their maintenance for the next 15 years—an enduring commitment to offsetting emissions.

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Countdown to Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2024

As the Adventure Tour Operators Association and Gujarat Tourism gear up for the grand Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit from January 10 to 12, 2024, the prelude event has set a compelling precedent. Beyond the thrill of adventure, it’s the commitment to sustainability that’s making India’s tourism landscape shine on the global stage. The adventure has just begun, and the world is watching as India transforms into a hub for sustainable and thrilling experiences.

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