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Gujarat HC’s YouTube Video Request

Gujarat HC seeks YouTube takedown of judge's apology video after courtroom outburst goes viral.

Gujarat HC: Judge’s Apology Sparks Viral Controversy

In a recent turn of events, the Gujarat High Court has made headlines by directing YouTube to remove videos featuring a judge who found himself at the centre of controversy. The judge in question, Justice Biren Vaishnav, had issued a stern rebuke to his colleague, Justice Mauna Bhatt, during a courtroom session where they were hearing tax cases. The incident, which occurred on Monday, caught the public’s attention when a video of Justice Vaishnav’s outburst and subsequent apology went viral on social media.

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Justice Vaishnav’s frustration was evident as he urged Justice Bhatt to express her differing opinion in a separate order rather than vocalizing it in the courtroom. However, recognizing his lapse in judgment, Justice Vaishnav took a commendable step by issuing a public apology before the next day’s proceedings began. He admitted his wrongdoing, expressing regret for the incident and emphasizing the need to move forward positively.

Subsequently, the Gujarat High Court, which had live-streamed the contentious session, sent a notice to YouTube, requesting the removal of these videos on the grounds of copyright infringement. YouTube and various websites promptly complied with this request, taking down the video content. This unfolding story serves as a reminder of the human aspect of the judiciary, where judges, like all individuals, can experience moments of tension and ultimately seek to rectify their actions.

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