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Govt Asks Twitter: Remove Manipur Paraded Women Video

The Indian government asks Twitter to remove the viral video of two Manipur women paraded naked amid an ongoing investigation. Congress questions the delay and lack of arrests.

Manipur Paraded Women video; Outrage over delay and arrests. Congress seeks answers from the PM, Home Minister.

The Indian government has requested social media platforms, including Twitter, to remove the viral video of two Manipur women being paraded naked, as it is currently under investigation. The video caused widespread outrage across political parties, with demands for Prime Minister Modi to address the ongoing violence in Manipur. Shiv Sena MP Priyanka Chaturvedi criticized the government’s attempts to control social media, stating it revealed their desperation and inability to handle violence and misinformation.

Atrocities, no arrests:

After the Kuki-Meitei clash in Manipur on May 4, Kuki women were forcibly stripped and paraded naked under threat of death. A video of the incident emerged over 2.5 months later. An investigation is ongoing, and although a complaint was filed a month ago, no arrests have been made. The incident was reportedly triggered by false rumors of a Meitei woman’s gangrape, which never occurred.

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Congress questions PM, Amit Shah:

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh questioned whether PM Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah were unaware of the Manipur incident ahead of the Monsoon session in Parliament, dominated by the issue. He criticized the Women and Child Development Minister for taking 76 days to speak to the Manipur CM or issue a statement.

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