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IIT DELHI Withdraws Its Survey On Caste Discrimination After Circulation!

Due to contentious survey questions sent by the Board of Student Publications in the wake of recent student suicides, the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi cancelled a caste discrimination survey on campus. Through formal procedures, a new survey is being created.

After its circulation, IIT-Delhi withdraws its survey on caste discrimination, Concerns over Student Suicides

A survey on caste discrimination on campus was cancelled by the Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi hours after it had been circulated there, according to a Saturday report of The Indian Express. Many students complained that the survey contained irrelevant and insensitive questions.

The Board of Student Publications, the institute’s officially recognized student publication, had distributed the survey in the wake of the deaths of two Scheduled Castes students in the previous two months.

A student who spoke anonymously referred to a survey question about the institute’s reservation policy, to which students were given the option of supporting it in its current form, replacing it entirely with a new policy based on economic conditions, eliminating reservations, or choosing not to answer. The student questioned, “Why would someone choose the last option in the survey… What is so difficult to discuss openly?”

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Anil Kumar, a B.Tech. student in the Mathematics and Computing Department, committed suicide earlier this month. Another student called Ayush Ashna from the same department also committed suicide in July.

The SC/ST cell is looking into it, and we are preparing to release a new survey together with the BSP through official channels soon, according to Pravin Ingole, liaison officer for the SC/ST cell at IIT-Delhi, who was speaking to The Indian Express.

“The survey was not conducted through authorized channels. Student members of the board were urged to consult the SC/ST cell by the faculty person overseeing the BSP’s activities, but they chose not to do so. The survey was made public after a communication error. The survey was stopped as soon as we learned about it, according to an institute official who spoke on the record.

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