Delhi’s Green Mask for Slums Ahead of G-20!

Delhi prepares for the G-20 summit with a transformative beautification project, including underpasses and murals. However, it has led to the eviction of slum residents. Netizens discuss the social impact and government actions.

Background story of Delhi’s Transformation ahead of G-20.

Delhi is all set for the G-20 summit but there’s a whole story behind the beautification of Delhi.
This story revolves around Poverty, People, slums and society.
As the G20 will take place the day after tomorrow (9th-10th September ), Delhi is almost done
with preparation for it.

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The Transformation Capital of Delhi will amaze you.
The installation of underpasses, new roadways, and murals are all part of an expansive
beautification project that the Central government has done in Delhi.
But Sadly All of this has resulted in the eviction of Delhi’s slum residents and the covering of
their homes with Green sheets and Banners.

The OWN Team encountered Ram, a worker, while they were in the Lajpat Nagar area. Ram informed us that a number of people had been forced to leave their places due to security concerns (as the government claimed).

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The government provided us with a room where we are residing right now. But after the G20 summit, They May take back this place. We were living under an open sky, but now we have a roof and I hope the government will not take it back.’ He added.

In the area of Harkesh Nagar Depot, the team came across locals. While talking about G 20 summit, a man said ‘Our houses and stalls were bulldozed without any prior notice just a few days ago, and now they have covered this mess with these green sheets because Foreigners are coming.”

Another person said ‘They broke everything we had (pointing towards the House debris), and they didn’t pay us a single amount.’

Netizens are also reacting to the videos and photos of slums and other areas covered with green sheets and banners G 20.

While Commenting on a video on Instagram one user said – It is also the responsibility of the State Government to do something for slum-like areas’.

Others said that poverty can never be eradicated. Even the USA has tons of homeless people.

A third user commented -You’re wrong, this is an illegal slum in Vasant Vihar on DDA land, The central govt has urged Arvind Kejriwal to remove this illegal slum but Arvind Kejriwal hasn’t removed them due to the vote bank!


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