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Delhi’s Odd-Even Scheme Decision Pending SC Review

Delhi awaits an odd-even fate amidst the pollution crisis; Ministers actively inspect borders, explore innovative solutions, and seek SC cooperation for a sustainable resolution.

Delhi’s Odd-Even Scheme: SC questions effectiveness; Ministers on the ground inspecting, considering artificial rain to combat air pollution crisis.

In Delhi, the government is grappling with the ongoing air pollution crisis and decisions about the odd-even car rationing scheme hinge on a Supreme Court review. Overnight rain offered some relief, but concerns persist. The government shared with the court that the Delhi odd-even scheme led to a 6% reduction in vehicle kilometres travelled and a 15% drop in fuel consumption.

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The city, once the world’s most polluted, saw a slight improvement in the air quality index. The government is considering cloud seeding and, interestingly, plans to bear the cost of artificial rain to combat pollution. However, the Supreme Court has questioned the effectiveness of the car-rationing scheme, labelling it as “all optics.”



Ministers Strengthen Post-Diwali Controls

Anticipating post-Diwali deterioration, Delhi ministers are actively inspecting areas and borders. Environment Minister Gopal Rai banned the entry of trucks carrying non-essential items, emphasizing the need for stronger border controls. The inspection process revealed gaps in enforcing pollution control measures, prompting ministers to seek the Supreme Court’s cooperation for artificial rain.

The Aam Aadmi Party-led government is on the ground, with ministers like Atishi, Saurabh Bharadwaj, and Kailash Gahlot inspecting different borders and urging stricter adherence to pollution control rules. They highlight the importance of awareness campaigns across states in the NCR to ensure compliance.

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As Delhi grapples with severe air quality issues, ministers are actively engaged in efforts to implement pollution control measures, signalling a hands-on approach to address the pressing concerns of the city’s residents.

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