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Bihar Cops’ Obscene Dance Investigation

Bihar policemen's obscene dance to Bhojpuri song on Independence Day sparks investigation. Video shared widely on social media, raising concerns within the department. An investigation is underway to identify those involved.

Bihar Policemen’s Obscene Dance on Independence Day Under Investigation: The Song Video Viral on Social Media, Department Takes Action.

While the nation observed its 77th independence anniversary on August 15, a contrasting scene unfolded in Bihar in Buxar. Fire brigade officers donned in uniforms danced to explicit Bhojpuri tunes beneath the national flag. The incident was recorded and shared widely on social media.

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Policemen dance to obscene Bhojpuri song:

A video depicting fire brigade personnel dancing to an explicit Bhojpuri song has caused a commotion within the department after it went viral. Authorities are actively searching for the individual who shared the video, though their identity remains unknown. The clip captures uniformed male and female police personnel dancing under the tricolor flag within the fire brigade office premises near the city police station market committee gate. 

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Kaile Ba Kamal Tohar Lal Ghaghra:

The song in question is the suggestive Bhojpuri track Kaile Ba Kamal Tohar Lal Ghaghra. The video also includes two women in close proximity, both appearing uncomfortable. These policemen had arrived for training approximately 25 days prior to the incident. The scandalous video has cast a shadow over the department, prompting investigations into the incident and the responsible individual’s identity.

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