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Allahabad HC Acts on Woman’s 3-Year Morgue Stay

Allahabad HC addresses the distressing case of woman's remains in morgue for 3 years, seeks information on identity and legal procedures.

Allahabad HC  seeks answers on identity, delays, and legal requirements, appoints amicus curiae for assistance.

The Allahabad HC  has taken action in response to a distressing situation where the skeletal remains of a woman have been in an Etawah morgue in Uttar Pradesh for more than three years. The court is seeking detailed information from the state government.

A newspaper report brought to light this distressing matter, where the identity of the deceased woman is disputed. One family claims that the body belongs to their missing daughter, Rita, but the DNA report has not provided a conclusive answer.

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To address this grave issue, the court has asked the state and police authorities to provide information on several crucial matters:

  1. They need to clarify the standard timeframe within which the last rites for a body in a morgue are typically conducted and explain the reasons for the delay in this case.
  1. The court wants to know if there is a specific law that mandates state authorities to perform the last rites for a body in a morgue within a defined period.
  1. The court has also requested a detailed account of the investigations and a timeline of events from the time the body was placed in the morgue up to the present.

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Furthermore, the court has asked for the case diary’s status and details about the investigations, including when the samples were collected and sent to a forensic science laboratory in Hyderabad for DNA profiling, along with the date of the DNA report.

Recognizing the importance of this matter, the court has appointed Nitin Sharma, a high court lawyer, as amicus curiae to assist in the proceedings. The case is scheduled to be reviewed on October 31, 2023.

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