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Beijing becomes Mask Free: 6 other countries where COVID cases hit new lows!

6 countries who claim to have recovered from the Coronavirus

Health officials of Beijing, China recently announced that citizens no longer require to wear masks outdoors. The decision was taken after the city didn’t witness any new COVID-19 cases in the last 14 days. However, the authorities said that If someone is coming in close contact with others, they need to wear masks. This is not the first such decision taken by the Chinese authorities. Earlier on May 17, they had announced a similar relaxation becoming a rare city across the world to relax norms amid the pandemic. However, masks were later made necessary when corona cases came in the main market of the city, Xinfadi.

Here are some of the countries who claim to have successfully defeated the global pandemic.

1. Tanzania

Tanzania President John Magufuli announced in June and again in the first week of August that his country has not witnessed any COVID-19 cases in the last 3 months. Tanzania has witnessed 509 COVID-19 cases so far and the number are stuck for almost three months.

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 2. Macau

Macao also known as the Las Vegas of Asia, has officially declared itself COVID-19 free. The Macau Health Bureau (MHB) announced on 19th May that the last infected patient was discharged from the hospital after making full recovery. Lei Chin Ion, the director of the Macau Health Bureau had said that Macau witnessed 45 COVID-19 cases but there have not been any death and there is zero infection in the hospital.

3. Seychelles

Seychelles tirelessly battled against the virus and after getting 11 cases of corona and they are finally free from the deadly pandemic. Known for its exotic beaches, the country made a full recovery without any reported deaths.

4. Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea, the pacific ocean declared itself Corona free on May 4. The novel coronavirus reached Papua New Guinea on 20th March 2020. Later, it was reported that all the cases in the country have recovered from the deadly virus.

5. Saint Lucia

Last COVID-19 positive case in St Lucia’s was found on 3rd May. All the 26 reported cases of the country have recovered from the virus without any deaths. Although, the Health Ministry of the country had said that even though there are no corona cases at present, they need to be cautious against the global pandemic.


North Korea, reported its first coronavirus suspect on 26th July. Certain areas of Kaesong were put on high alert.  Later it was reported that the suspect was not a COVID-19 case. The country led by Kim Jong-un was the first country to close its international borders. As the country shares borders with China, it closed borders on 21st January 2020 and implemented strict measures for people coming from other countries including a month or two-month quarantine.

While the country said that they have not witnessed any COVID-19 cases, many experts of the subjects have questioned the authenticity of North Korea’s claim.

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