Beat your Monday Blues with Khudgharz official, a band that has got us hooked on social media

Khudgharz official, a band that has got us hooked & we want to recreate with our friends

Today, social media has become a powerful tool. Getting viral on social media is just a matter of few seconds. Be it helping someone to national interest videos, social media has the power to move authorities. It has helped many to get recognition for their phenomenal work and has helped many in need. When it comes to social media all you need is – Your talent and the right platform.  Recently, a jamming session by a few artists was all over Instagram. And we are sure you might have come across it! Yes, we are talking about Khudgharz official, a band that has got every Indian hooked.

A Pakistani band Khudgharz posted a mashup of three classic songs Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai, Tu hi Meri Sab Hai, and Labon ko on its social media handles. And guess what? The jamming session went viral like a wildfire. It started trending within no time and garnered a lot of views. We are hooked to this page and every video they release is surreal to watch. To beat your Monday blues, you must tune into their Youtube channel. Their jamming sessions will soothe your soul, and you can thank us later for recommending them.

The channel was launched on August 11, 2020 ( as per their social media). The video was uploaded on the same day and the song was ‘Aadat’. Since then, there is no looking back for this band and they have actually made our lockdown beautiful.

Here are a few reasons why we are addicted to their jamming sessions:

1. They are stress busters

Yes and we are not kidding. Their phenomenal jamming sessions are not just pleasant to the ears, but can also help in reviving your bad mood. Just in case, if you are having a bad day, drop everything and listen to their popular jamming sessions and you will thank us later.

2. The best thing that you can do with your gang

A lot of people with their friends lip-synced the video and posted it on their social media. Well, it is one of the best things that you can try with your gang. It is interesting and refreshing.  Sitting with your friends while chatting you can create a similar video – Don’t forget to try, it is super fun. But do not forget to give them credits.

3. Songs are all hearts

Their jamming sessions have a combination of some classic Bollywood songs that take away our hearts. A lot of them remind us of our first love, crush or a beautiful love story that didn’t last forever. Songs are all heart.

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4. Asjad Khan – The guy who plays the guitar is our New Crush

Their entire team is quite talented and it is evident in their videos. But Asjad Khan, the one who plays the guitar makes it surreal. You should definitely check his Instagram page. Recently, on Khudgharz official he did a Guitar tutorial video.  You can reach out to him directly on Social Media.


We love their work and would like to see more of it! All we can say is – Thank you for making our weekends beautiful & our working days bearable. Khudgharz official has received a lot of love from all across the globe and has got recognition for their work. Their random jamming sessions are even better and they hold a special place in our hearts! If you haven’t yet taken a look at their page, do it right away! Inka Jamming session nhi dekha toh kya kiya!

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