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Badass Women: 5 times they set the headlines on fire

Badass Women: They know how to get the work done!

Yes! They are not sorry for not following the usual stereotypical trend. They will not step back with societal pressure. Every time a woman takes a step for her own life which is not accepted by others becomes bizarre for a nation like India. Now that we have had several fights against the stereotypical norms women are out there who have shown courage to speak loud. Here is a list of headlines how women go loud with their choice:

1. A woman got divorced, over shawarma

A newlywed couple went for an outing where the woman wanted to eat shawarma and her husband denied to buy. The woman made her husband clear about her choices and left the marriage.

2. Kerala gets a new Bodybuilder – The Hijab Lady.

All over the world female Bodybuilders are seen in bikinis. Tadaa! Kerala found a bodybuilder in hijab. She dedicated her victory to the freedom of choice in clothes.

3. Italy Woman- ”My fairytale without a Prince”

An Italian woman marries herself and celebrated her wedding after the groom ditched from the wedding. She embarks to go alone in her life ahead.

4. A woman from Karnataka got divorced because of sexual resentment

Marriages become a burden when things go bitter and ruthless. A woman realized how her being is a waste in her marriage. She says in an interview that her husband could not meet her sexual desires and didn’t respect her at all.

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5. She is eligible to carry her parents to ‘Funeral Pyre’.

According to the so-called norms of Indian society, daughters are not allowed to take the key participation in her parents’ funeral rituals.

For a change in many regions of India, daughters are taking part in the ritual ceremony actively and also hold the responsibilities of the family.

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