Hero Vida EV Scooters May Get New Variants By 2025, Says Report

Hero MotoCorp accelerates its electrification journey, revealing plans for new Vida EV scooter variants by 2025, catering to diverse market needs."

Hero Vida EV Scooters: Expanding Horizons with New Variants in 2025

Hero MotoCorp rolls out VIDA electric scooter charging network in these cities | Zee Business

 Hero MotoCorp, a key player in the electric two-wheeler segment, is set to redefine its position by unveiling three new electric scooters in 2024. The CEO, Niranjan Gupta, outlined this ambitious plan during the Hero World 2024 event, underscoring the company’s commitment to advancing its journey towards electrification. Looking ahead to 2025, Hero MotoCorp has more in store, with plans to introduce electric scooters in the mid-price and economy segments, thereby expanding its current Vida range. This move is a strategic endeavour to cater to a broader consumer base and capitalize on the growing demand for sustainable mobility solutions.

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Diversification in Electric Scooters: Hero MotoCorp’s expansion plan involves diversifying its electric scooter offerings. In 2025, the company will introduce models in both the mid-price and economy segments, aiming to cater to different consumer preferences. This strategic move not only showcases the brand’s commitment to embracing electrification but also reflects an understanding of the diverse needs within the market.

Venturing into B2B Last-Mile Delivery: In a bid to tap into the burgeoning B2B last-mile delivery segment, Hero MotoCorp plans to introduce a new electric two-wheeler. Recognizing the transformative impact electric vehicles can have on logistics and delivery services, the company aims to provide a reliable and eco-friendly solution for businesses engaged in last-mile transportation.

Vida V1, first-ever Hero MotoCorp EV scooter, launched in India: All details | Mint

Production Ramp-Up and New Motorcycle Models: Hero MotoCorp is gearing up for increased demand in the electric two-wheeler segment by ramping up production to 10,000 units per month. The company’s recent launch of two new motorcycle models, the Mavrick 440 and Xtreme 125R, indicates a dual strategy to cater to both traditional motorcycle enthusiasts and the growing base of electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Widening Vida’s Footprint: To further strengthen its presence in the electric vehicle market, Hero MotoCorp is actively working to make its Vida electric scooters more accessible. Gupta disclosed that Vida’s availability has been extended to 100 cities, with plans to enter an additional 100 cities within the next year. Additionally, the company is set to enhance customer engagement by establishing exclusive small stores dedicated to its Vida electric range, creating a more personalized and immersive experience for potential buyers.

Challenges in the EV Market: While Hero MotoCorp is making strides in the electric vehicle sector, challenges persist, particularly concerning the launch of electric bikes through its collaboration with Zero Motorcycles. Gupta acknowledged that market dynamics and cost challenges may cause delays. However, he emphasized the critical role of the technology derived from this partnership in shaping the future of mass-market electric motorcycles. Despite the challenges, Hero MotoCorp remains committed to contributing to the evolving landscape of electric mobility in India.

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Catering to Diverse Consumer Needs: Hero MotoCorp’s strategic vision encompasses a broad spectrum of consumer needs. From performance bike enthusiasts to individuals seeking practical electric options for daily commuting, the company aims to provide solutions that resonate with diverse preferences. This inclusive approach aligns with the dynamic nature of the electric vehicle market and reinforces Hero MotoCorp’s commitment to being at the forefront of sustainable and innovative mobility solutions.

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Conclusion: As Hero MotoCorp accelerates its electrification journey, the unveiling of new electric scooters in 2024 and the planned expansion of the Vida range in 2025 reflect the brand’s adaptability and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the market. With a focus on diversification, production scalability, and addressing varied consumer preferences, Hero MotoCorp is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of electric mobility in India.

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