Antariksh Band releases the Youth Anthem – Jee Le Zara

IN conversation with Varun, founder of Antariksh Band about his recent release, Jee Le Zara

One of our favourite bands, Antariksh is now back with a new video, Jee Le Zara, a song which is all about hope and life. The song can precisely be seen as a Youth Anthem. The song features 5 real-life artists and role models from across the country, who have been the inspiration of youth. The song is a dialogue that can inspire the youth to break free, from shackles of rhetoric traditions and cultures, social baggage and is coming through one of the well-known bands, Antariksh. Filmed in 4 cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Goa) the song is winning all the hearths and so we thought of talking to the members of the band about how they came up with the song, and here is what they said.

Varun, the vocalist of the song said that “ I hope that the track would manage to inspire people to live a life on their own terms. The idea to compose the song Jee Le Zara was conceived around early 2018. We worked on it for a few months and recorded the song in May 2018. However, it took a bunch of iterations in terms of the production and mixing to finally get to a mix we were happy with and then, of course, the creating the video was for the song was also an elaborate process and took its own sweet time.

Varun Rajput is a music composer, guitar player and singer based out of New Delhi, India. Best known for his work as the founder, guitarist and leader of the Indian rock band, Antariksh, Varun is renowned for his eclectic guitar playing, production and bringing a modern, edgy sound to Hindi Rock music in India with Antariksh’s first album, ‘Khoj’.

The band, Antarikash came from a fun an experimental side project by me, Mridul Ganesh(Former Singer) and Gurtej Singh (Former Guitar Player) in mid-2012 our common dream of recording and releasing a full-fledged album. The whole idea expanded with the first song, ‘Dheere Dheere’ which became hit with a variety of audience.

Describing his journey and the song, Varun said, “The song and the lyrics serve as a reminder to self as well as others to not stress and the fact that we do not need to take life all that seriously, as we do. It’s a pushback on a lot of the illogical customs and baggage that societies put on individuals and consequently, forcing people to struggle all their lives to conform and fit in it. Rather, it encourages people to gather the courage to live a life full of purpose and free will. My friend and lyricist, Ankit Singh had penned a few lines that he’d sent me long time back – so when Joshua and I were composing the song, I immediately connected with a couple of lines Ankit had sent, built upon it and framed it into the lyrics of the song. Growing up listening to a lot of 70s and 80s Rock music, I’ve generally been a rebellious person when it comes to any kind of superstitions or illogical customs and how they unnecessarily make people do things which don’t make any sense at all, under the garb of “Aisa Hi Hota Hai”… I think that rebellion is reflected in both the lyrics and music of the song.”

Varun tells that the Music video, directed by Video Director: Mohit Kapil, features five extraordinary individuals Anna, Jia, Rebecca and Brigit, along with them, Anveer Mehta, a Skateboarder also made an appearance, who have been exploring their dreams with free and fire.


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Anna is a professional dancer and a multi-faceted artist working in Kuwait and India, exploring fashion through different mediums as a professional art director, fashion stylist, apparel designer, model and a successful performing artist. Jia, a wellness writer and a consultant, self-care advocate and the exceptional woman of excellence award by the Women Economic Forum in 2017 awardee, has made an appearance in the song. Along with her Brigit, who is a poet mostly writing about real-life situations, human behaviour, and emotions which become a vital source of positivity in her life is also there. Last, but not least, Rebecca, a photographer and a hula hoop artist who dropped out of high school to start her career as a photographer early and perhaps loves picking up a new skill every year (playing the percussions, dance, bartending, hula hoops) has also made a fair enough appearance here.

He said, “the message they wanted to give was simple, to remind people to not worry over things of the past or future, for the truth there is no right  right way to live. If anyone tells you that, they have an agenda or belief of their own that they’re trying to push.”

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