7 Secrets of becoming a good listener

Listening is an art: Here is why should you learn it?

Listening is an art that needs work, self- discipline, and skill. No one can learn it overnight, one has to keep a lot of patience to master this art. Well, most of us get confused between hearing and listening. Hearing and listening are two different things. We all hear things but only a few of us listen to others. Patiently listening to others can make you a good leader.

Some people are very good at speaking and that can inspire so many people.  But being a good listener is often more important than speaking. It gives a deeper level of understanding of someone’s situation and helps us to use the correct words in that situation.

How to become a good listener?

So here are seven secrets to master the art of learning, take a look:

  • A good listener never checks his/her phone or tablet in the middle of a conversation. Checking phone on a regular basis can break your concentration.
  • If you want to become a good listener you should not interrupt in the middle of a conversation. Let the other person finish, then you should intervene or should ask questions.
  • Every good listener cares. They show empathy for what the other person has to say. It’s genuine and authentic.
  • Good Listeners keep the judgment away. To master this art it is important to withhold any judgment or negative evaluations. Being open-minded should be your goal. After all, who wants to get open to a narrow-minded person?
  • Body language is an important aspect. A positive body language shows that you are interested and are carefully listening to the other person.
  • A good listener always remains attentive and make an eye contact. This is a golden rule and should not forget it.
  • A good listener remembers. They remember things and follow up conversation wherever possible. One should learn to remember things this can help you to get involved in an engaging conversation.
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