5 things you’ll relate to if you have ‘Super –Cool’ Mom

Deepika Padukone with mom

5 things you’ll relate to if your mom is your BFF

Indian parents are often considered strict and not friendly. A lot of times, we hear stories where our friends were brought up by extremely strict parents.  There are very few people who share a friendly bond with their parents, especially with their parents.  In School and college, we somewhat feel embarrassed to call our mother our BFF. But as we grow up we realize it is the best bond we could have ever have. When you find a friend in your mother, it is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

Here are 5 things you will relate to if you have a super –cool mom who is also your BFF:

  1. She has some great advice to offer

No one knows your heart like the woman who gave birth to you. If your mother is your BFF, then you can discuss anything with her. Be it any professional advice or any personal advice she always has something great to offer.

  1. Gossip session keeps you going

You can talk to her for hours on the phone without getting bored. From bitching about the relatives to annoying neighbors, your mother has some very engaging stories to tell. So even if you are having a bad day, her gossip session keeps you going.

  1. She shows you the reality

If your mom is your friend, then she never leaves a chance to show you the mirror. She will tell you exactly how she feels about the jerk you are dating, she will nag you about your bad attitude or the way you are neglecting important things in your life. A lot of times her words can pinch you, but you know it comes from a good place.

  1. She is your shopping friend

Whenever you want to buy something for yourself, the first person who comes to your mind is your mom. She has a brilliant knack for clothes when it comes to you.

  1. You can share your deepest secrets with her

You can share your deepest secrets and your insecurities with her. You know there is more love than fear in your relationship. You can share all your secrets with her because she is not going to judge you.

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