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Amit Shah Birthday Special: 5 books you should read to know the modern Chanakya

It’s just the tip of the iceberg what you see and know of the Union Minister, read these books to know more


Amit Shah, Union Home Minister will celebrate his 56th Birthday on 22nd October. From joining the RSS at the young age of 14 years to becoming the President of the largest political party in the world, Amit Shah’s rise in politics is one for the ages. Amit Shah is known as the modern Chanakya for his strategical thinking before, during and after the election. He has been the main thread for BJP in establishing the party in the government in various states. There are so many interesting things to know about Amit Shah, who announced the historic decision of abrogating the special status of Jammu & Kashmir and bifurcating it into two union territories. If you are interested in politics and want to know more about Amit Shah, we want to suggest you these 5 books.

1. Amit Shah and the March of BJP by Anirban Ganguly and Shiwanand

To anyone even remotely interested in Indian politics, irrespective of their political leaning, this is book is a captivating exploration of the political life and journey of present Home Minister Amit Shah. The books will give you a great depth into how the BJP has been successful in establishing itself as the most followed party in the country. The book will tell you all the hard works that former BJP President has done for the party. The book highlights that Amit Shah covered more than 7,90,000 kilometres between August 2014 and September 2018 in his quest to expand the BJP’s footprint, undertaking major public outreach programmes. He covered an average of 519 km a day during the period.

2. Messiah Modi by Tavleen Singh

Columnist Tavleen Singh’s book Messiah Modi, as claimed by the author, is basically a “reporter’s book” that assess the 6 years of PM Modi’s governance. However, Tavleen also talks about the various key characters in all these 6 years. Amit Shah, being the number 2 in the government, has been briefly covered by Tavleen Singh. In one of the chapters, she has discussed an event, when journalists (even the critics of Modi) were called for dinner with Amit Shah at the Constitution Club. He had then answered all the queries of journalists with an amiable smile on his face.


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3. How Modi Won India – Rajdeep Sardesai

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If you have been following this India Today journalist for a few years, you might think that he is a little biased. But when you will read his “How Modi Won India”, you will get to know a balanced side of him. He has given a brief detail about the initial days of Amit Shah in Gujrat, his bromance with Narendra Modi and more. He has very well written about the hardships that Amit Shah went during his initial days.

4. How the BJP Wins: Inside India’s Greatest Machine – Prashant Jha

books on amit shah

Whenever there will be a discussion about BJP’s rise in the country, a special mention of its mentor, Amit Shah will come. So, when the book is talking about how BJP wins, how could it have left Amit Shah behind. Prashant Jha has talked about how minutely Amit Shah monitors the proceedings of election and how he executes his political plans.

5. The Election that Changed India – Rajdeep Sardesai

This is the first book of Rajdeep Sardesai which looks at everything that happened ahead of the 2014 elections. It also explores the planning that went into expanding the BJP’s footprint in several states and all over the country, especially in those states where the party had an almost negligible support cause.

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